a few more pictures... i need more creative titles...

With her snugli blankie from Aunt Kay!
All these below were taken just a little while ago. After a big spit-up mess and a bath and another spit-up mess I decided to put her in a pretty dress just for fun! This is Lydda Grace just settling in for a nap. She's still sleeping so hopefully Jon and I can eat a bite of dinner together real quick! :o)

visitors from VT

Friends from VT, Tricia and Brandon Smith stopped by today with their little ones Brye and Cairney. It was great to catch up with them! Cairney was born beginning of July but Lydda Grace was bigger at birth so she had a little head start. Thanks for coming by to see us Smith family!!



Here's our sweet girl taking a nap in her own room in her crib. I think I've walked down the hall 20 times to check on her...


first time at church

Here's a picture of Lydda Grace and I ready for church. She did GREAT! She slept all through Sunday School then we kept her with us in the family room at the back of the church during the service and she was awake and loved the music! Then we had a potluck which she was completely content during... we didn't even have to break out the paci!



This video was taken a few days ago. Lydda Grace was listening to Jon playing guitar and was waving her arms and legs. I thought it looked like she was dancing :o) It also looks like she takes after me and has no rhythm... sigh...

(oh... sorry you have to turn your head to watch... I'm not sure how to flip the video...)


Move-In Weekend

Here's a photo shoot I did of Lydda Grace on Friday. She did really well... for a while :o) I wish I had done these in sepia since that's my favorite... I may have to convert them.

This was a busy weekend for Jon. Lydda Grace and I went for a walk Saturday over to his area of campus and walked around for a bit with him. Then we were so glad to have Mrs. Dixie and Mr. Chris, Karen, and the Boerckels stop by to visit! It was a fun day! Aunt Bethy moved back to Clemson on Sunday so we are glad to have her back!

It's nice to have the school year underway and to feel like we can start the process of getting into our own little routine. Jon is starting further graduate studies this semester and is teaching an RA class as well as all his regular duties so that will make things exciting for us all. Lydda Grace and I are sticking with the eat, sleep, poop schedule for now :o)


bunny shoes

I LOVE these shoes! They actually stay on Lydda Grace's feet really well and they are so cute. She starts to kick around with these things on and you can't help but laugh! Thanks Papa and Granna for the bunny shoes!


more pictures

Here are some more pictures! My mom came into town yesterday which has been really nice since Jon started back to work in full force today. Move-in is this weekend so it is a super busy time for him.

Gran and Lydda Grace. Doesn't this little girl look good in orange! (Though we've also commented how cute she looked today in green, brown and pink... yes this is clothes change number 4... she can make a mess!)

This is a dress from my sisters and I when we were little. We tried the bonnet on and then just laid the dress on top of Lydda Grace. She looked so funny and cute!!
This paci is about as big as her whole face!
Here is Lydda Grace with her bear from Papa and Granna (Jon's parents). We are going to try to take pictures of her periodically with it to show how much she's grown.

This video is Lydda Grace in her swing. It almost looks like she waves at one point... almost :o)


we are in LOVE with this baby girl!

I seriously think we could just sit and look at Lydda Grace for hours on end! She makes the funniest expressions and keeps us entertained! It's really sweet when she gets a little smile while she's sleeping, I think it may just be indigestion, but I prefer to think she's having happy dreams.
Jon had to work today, he was doing teambuilding training for the RAs outside on-campus. Thankfully, the weather was actually not too bad today so Lydda Grace and I walked out to surprise him and for her to meet some of the RAs. It was a lot of fun. I forgot to take pictures though!
Here are a few pictures.

Lydda Grace really seems to like her swing. I was hoping it would put her to sleep but no such luck!

Here is Lydda Grace with some beautiful flowers that Mark's parents sent! Finn was really interested in the flowers too :)

I love this picture, she is so peaceful.

We had to wash this quilt and we wrapped Lydda Grace in it when it came out of the dryer. She loved it! Who wouldn't!


random pics from the last few days

This is what we put on Lydda Grace this morning. It lasted a few hours before we had to change her.
Here's Jon with Lydda Grace in the Moby Wrap.

I love being a Mommy!
Lydda Grace's first walk. She slept the whole time.

Lydda Grace & Fincastle

So Ms. Lee brought a gift to Lydda Grace and what does Finn do? He thinks it is his gift so he sits in the paper the gift came in.

Well, I thought some more videos would be fun. Finn has finally come around as of last night or early this morning to the idea of being in the same room as Lydda Grace. Here are a couple of videos for entertainment. I missed the video of him sitting on the dresser watching Emily change Lydda Grace's diaper. However, the video I did catch with Emily's help is the first time they have been together since Lydda Grace has joined us.
Here is Finn lying with Lydda Grace:

Here is Finn leaving after I took out her pacifier. (Having the pacifier in was the only way he would lay in the bed until we got her there. As you can see from this video, he does not like it when she cries.)


a picture

We're really behind on the posts and have so much to share... just little energy to do so at this point! Here's a picture though that is so good of Lydda Grace. This is right after we got home from the hospital.


Some Videos and NASCAR outfit

Hello all,
Here are 3 video's we have taken of Lydda Grace.
1. The first one is of the grandparents and Aunts and Uncles coming into the room.

2. This second one is where I continued from where Emily cut the first part off.

3. This third one is where Emily and I were dressing Lydda Grace to come home from the hospital.

What an awesome blessing we have. I am loving every minute of being a dad. So know that more videos are to come.

So yesterday during the Pocono race Emily took a picture of Lydda Grace and me in our Greg Biffle outfits while watching the race. I think we make a great cheering section.

Grace and peace,


She's Here!!

Lydda Grace Wylie was born July 31st at 11:35pm, she weighed in at 8 lbs. 5 oz. and is 20.5 inches long.

Her name is pronounced Lid-duh (like Lydia but with an extra "d" instead of an "i"). Lydda is a town that we read about in Acts Chapter 9. Peter visited Lydda on his travels and all who lived there "turned to the LORD." It is our prayer that like the people in this town our daughter will turn to the Lord to love and serve Him. We're planning on calling her by both names, "Lydda Grace."

Below are some pictures of the past 15 hours... it is crazy to think that she isn't even one day old!