Christmas is coming

We made some sugar cookies to try out a new dough recipe before we had our cookie decorating party. Lydda Grace is really into sprinkles!

Lydda Grace and Wade sporting their new Christmas shirts that BeBe made.

Wade at 7 months

I feel like we have really hit a huge transition point for Wade right about now and everything is moving so fast with him!

He was an early crawler (5 months) and now at 7 months is pulling up on everything in sight! He will even put his hands on the floor and stand up, he just can't get to the point where he can pick his hands up off the floor!

Wade (aka: Wadesie, Wade-a-roo, Wade-a-rama, Wade-Beefcake, Wadester) is putting everything he gets his hands on in his mouth, all his toys, all LG's toys, shoes, the floor, Christmas ornaments, you name it.... he tries to eat it. So far we haven't seen any teeth yet but are guessing they must be on their way.

He has started to babble and talk a lot more, we hear "dadadada" a good bit and every so often he will get into a little squealing fit and just happily squeal away (VERY loudly) for several minutes.

Wade LOVES his big sister. When she is in sight he follows her every move and will crawl after her down the hall. Lydda Grace (usually) returns this affection and is all about hugging, kissing and holding Wade.


back in october

You may recall we went to VT in October to visit BekBek and HaHa. These are the pictures from their camera....some really great ones! And this is before Lydda Grace's "don't take a picture of me" phase so she was actually smiling for the camera... I had forgotten how nice that was!!


mmmmm... toes

Right before Thanksgiving (so yes all these posts are out of order... oh well!) Amanda and Evelyn and Baby Lucy came to play! Lucy was just about 2 weeks old.

When I told Lydda Grace that Lucy had been born she couldn't stop talking about hugging and kissing Baby Lucy and then all she wanted to do was "taste her toes" (this is from a favorite book of ours More, More, More Said the Baby by Vera Williams). So Lydda Grace finally got to taste Lucy's toes. I have to admit it's rather anticlimactic... but sweet nonetheless.

And now Lydda Grace AND Evelyn are both big sisters!

Christmas is coming!

BeBe made Lydda Grace and Wade smocked ornaments.
Lydda Grace LOVES decorating the tree. (and yes, I meant to type "loves" and not "loved".... she is still decorating and redecorating the tree everyday)
LG and Wade have fun playing with (or in Wade's case chewing on) their nativity set. Lydda Grace really gets into talking about the people and animals and likes to put them all in a line.

give thanks

We had a very nice Thanksgiving weekend. We got to see lots of family!
Wednesday we headed up to Yadkinville to Granna Wylie's house. We celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday with Great Grandmother Downey.
Friday Mama, Dada and Wade headed out shopping and Lydda Grace and Granna Wylie made deviled eggs and took a trip to visit Uncle Nick at the fire station. Saturday we went to Greensboro to see the Wylie clan. It was so wonderful to catch up with everyone and of course Lydda Grace and Wade got lots of love and attention. (sadly I don't have the video of LG literally just spinning around singing Jesus Loves Me... over and over and over.... with at least 10 adults watching her, and of course applauding when she was done!)
We got back home late Saturday evening and BeBe and PopPop and Aunt Bethy and Uncle Mark spent the night with us after the game.


Who needs a cape when you've got a bib?!