fun with friends

Today was a special day! Lydda Grace is 6 months old and Christy and Haley came for a visit!!

Christy and I lived on the same floor, in this very building, 10 years ago as college freshmen. We went on to be roommates and have stayed great friends! It was such an overwhelming blessing to hang out today and to think that now, 10 years later, here we were hanging out in the same residence hall, with our precious baby girls. The Lord has been so good to us!

We set the girls down together to take some pictures.

It began with Haley offering to share her animal crackers with Lydda Grace- she is so thoughtful!
Then Lydda Grace just started laughing! So I started up the video.

I love how Haley kind of gets tickled when Lydda Grace is laughing. On this next one I love Lydda Grace's face at the end when Haley leaves, it's like, "where's she going?!"

Thanks for visiting Christy and Haley, we had so much fun!



After I fed Lydda Grace yesterday I left her with a book in her high chair while I cleaned up. She sat there so content and curious for a good while. I love watching her entertain herself like this...


what no video?

Jon's at work so it was just me feeding Lydda Grace this afternoon. The poor kid is going to think you have to have your picture taken in order to eat!
At one point she decided her bib was tastier than the cereal. My only consolation was that there was so much cereal on the bib at the point I'm hoping she got a little extra down :o)


hooray for the outdoors

We finally had some warmer weather yesterday (which is gone today) but we had fun going for a walk in the morning and then later in the afternoon I took Lydda Grace outside our apartment to just sit and play on a blanket. We were on a hill so I was able to sit her up on her own. It was great, because if she fell backwards she just kind of slowly rolled back.

time to eat: part 2

So today is Sunday and we decided to try the rice cereal again. Same setup as yesterday....

Here was her first response, (this is pretty much what yesterday was like):

but THEN.....

YAY!!!! She likes it! She kept opening her mouth and leaning towards the food! Hooyah!


time to eat: part 1

** This post was written yesterday, Saturday the 24th, but we have tried several times to post the video but it won't work!!**

Lately I have been SO sure that Lydda Grace is ready for "real" food, so we gave it a try today. Rice cereal.... mmmmm.... doesn't that sound yummy. We set her in her high chair, got her ladybug bowl, and put on her "big girl" bib, we were ready!

Take a look at the video to see what Lydda Grace thought about it.

** This is the video that won't load (it was too long we think). Basically, she makes some really horrible faces, the rice cereal dribbles out of her mouth and then she starts to make faces even when we put an empty spoon near her mouth!**

So we decided to try a little something else...

Then we went back to the cereal... maybe if Daddy feeds her she'll like it better. (look at Jon's face, that is my favorite part of this picture)

Don't worry kiddo... we'll try again tomorrow!


catch up

WOW... I haven't posted in forever!! Here are a few pics/videos to catch up.

We have been busy lately with just everyday stuff.

Uncle Javi and Aunt Bekah came to visit last Friday, Granna Wylie and Uncle Nick came to visit last weekend and then Grandpa Moore surprised us Thursday with a visit when he was in town on business. Fun times!

This was taken this morning. Such a silly girl!
We haven't started food yet but Lydda Grace sits in her high chair while we eat and loves to look at her big picture book. I love the serious look on her face!

Lydda Grace loves to play with the tags on toys. She just seems so fascinated by them! We had to get it on video :o)



I put you in your exersaucer in the bathroom while I took a shower this morning. You played so contentedly! I loved peeking around the shower curtain to watch you!


she scoots

When I went in to get Lydda Grace up from her nap this is what I found. The stick person illustrates the position I left her in when I put her down for her nap...



I got this hairbow a while back and every once in a while try it on just to see if we're getting close to respectably wearing it. We're not quite there yet....

Christmas with the Moores

My parents came up this past Saturday to celebrate Christmas. We opened gifts, Jon and Dad went to the NCSU vs. Clemson game, and then we all went out to dinner (we missed you Javier!... he's away for work right now). It was a fun day!

This high chair was my cousin, Austin's, and Bethany used it too. Lydda Grace looks so grown up sitting here! No "real" food yet, but it's coming soon.

Hanging out with Gran while the guys are at the game.

(it took us FOREVER to get that one smile out of Lydda Grace)!

Here is Lydda Grace with her first opening of her "Santa Sack." This is a tradition in our family and each new member of the family gets their own sack made. Typically we open these on Christmas Eve. Lydda Grace's sack is so nice and white... her mama's (and Aunt Bekah and Aunt Bethy's) are kind of yellowed with age... that makes me feel OLD!


past few days

We've been dealing with some colds around here the past few days, but we're all coming around now I think.


sort of sitting

Lydda Grace is really starting to reach for things.

I wish I had a video of earlier, I sat with her next to Finn and she was going crazy trying to reach out to pet him. Thankfully Finn was a really good sport about it!



You are almost sitting up on your own now.... we expect it any day. You are also close to having some teeth! Lots of new things coming!

that's really funny... I'm reading this now and you didn't get teeth for a LONG time after this! You still just have 2!