We have a porch for a jack-o-lantern now!

amazing help

I have my days all mixed up... but "awhile back"... BeBe and Aunt Bethy came to visit at the same time which meant two people could be doing stuff around the house while one watched the kids. Needless to say, we got a LOT done! We even have curtains up in the den and dining area! What?!? I figured it would be months before that happened. We.... I mean.... Bethany, painted the double bed for Wade's room, all but one... two... okay maybe three boxes are totally unpacked and we got pictures on the walls!
In all that busyness these are the only two pictures I have....

LG all decked out in Aunt Bethy's jewelry and sunglassesReading with BeBe in LG's big girl bed



Two weekends ago we went to Blacksburg to visit Rebekah and Javier and Gracie and to visit our VT and GCPC friends. It was a great trip!! The kids were good travelers and we had a great time! Saturday we tailgated on-campus with ResLife and Sunday we got to worship at GCPC and catch up with folks at the potluck after the service. We loved seeing BekBek and HaHa's new house and getting to spend time with them. (Rebekah, I need some more pictures from you! The ones on your camera were the best I think!!)


eating cereal is funny

We started Wade on rice cereal last week to see if it would help with him sleeping through the night.... which he has slept through the night the past two nights but I don't know if that's what did it or not. He loves to grab the spoon while I'm feeding him and then likes to reach for his toes to work that in between them real good too.


we're here

We are in... not settled at all, but IN our new home!

We were so blessed by all the help we had painting and moving in from family and friends.
Friday night when we moved in I came back from the second load and Lydda Grace asked when we were going home.... "This IS our new home baby girl!!"

She is loving her pink room though and likes to show it to everyone who comes to visit. Then she hides in the closet and says, "where's Lydda Grace?" and then giggles and jumps out :)