Lydda Grace-isms

There are so many funny things LG is saying these days! I wish I could remember them all. Here are a few:

- When singing the song "G-O-D is L-O-V-E" she insists that the kids on the CD say a "B" for the "D" and the "V." So the result is Gob is Lobe..... even though we try to explain that the way you spell these words is a with a "D" and "V" she is VERY insistent that they are "Bs"

- Today we were outside swinging and I was laughing at something she said and she started doing this really fake laugh that made me laugh harder. I said, "Lydda Grace, you crack me up!" after a little pause she said, "You said "crack" mama..... you're not an egg!!"

- If we ask, "How's that chocolate pudding, Lydda Grace?" (or any other question of that sort) she always answers "doing well!" We also get this response when we ask, "How'd you sleep last night?"

Of course that's all I can think of right now! I will try to be more intentional about posting random things like this that I want to remember more often.


a half slumber party

Lydda Grace had her first half slumber party this past week! We had tried this once before and it didn't work out but this time was great! Evelyn came for dinner and played and then the girls went to sleep in LG's room, Evelyn in the pack n play and LG in her big girl bed. It was to precious, they both went right to sleep without a word to each other. Ben and Amanda picked E up on their way back home. When LG woke up in the morning the first words out of her mouth were, "I want to wake Evelyn up!" She was so sad to find that Evelyn wasn't there anymore!

Having a "night-night snack" (grr on blogger I can't get this pic to flip the right way!)
Sweet hugs!



We've had some beautiful weather lately and have loved playing outside!!

school time

Lydda Grace always asks to have school time, she loves to talk about letters and numbers and read and do fun crafts! I've recently started to try to standardize our school time and we are focusing on one letter every two weeks. For "B" weeks we focused butterflies.

Here is LG making a leaf with caterpillar eggs, a caterpillar, a chrysalis and then painting a coffee filter to make a butterfly.


BeBe, Aunt Bethy, Miss Mollie and Grayson all came to visit the week before Valentine's. It was nice to catch up and play!

Wade at 9 months

Wade had his 9 month check-up on Monday the 14th, (thankfully no shots on Valentines!) :)
He weighed in at 21 lbs. 3 oz. and is 29 inches long. (almost exactly the same as LG's stats at this age)
Wade is into EVERYTHING these days! Lydda Grace is often saying "help Mama!" to alert me to something he has gotten into. (I had to teach her to say something to me because one time she tried to "save" him from the oven and pushed him over really hard on the kitchen floor)

We are still struggling to get him to eat finger foods, he much prefers to be spoon-fed and sometimes will just refuse to eat unless it is pureed baby food. We're working to get past this fast! He does really like frozen peas and sometimes bananas and eggs. His favorite food is the homemade pizza we make most Friday nights.

Wade also LOVES his Mama! He crawls after me almost all day and wants to be held A LOT. If I'm in the room and someone else (i.e. Dada) is holding him or playing with him he will often cry.... or wail.... or scream. I love being loved but am hoping he moves out of this soon!

He loves to play with Lydda Grace and she usually loves to play with him and hugs him and kisses him more than he wants her to. It is such a joy to watch them just laugh back and forth at each other.

Wade, we love you so much baby boy! You bring a smile to our faces everyday and often make us laugh out loud!


i know... i know... i'm a delinquent blogger

Sorry to those of you who are regular blog watchers.... I don't know where January went and now it's February already. In about a week Wade will be 9 months old! 3/4 of a year.... way too fast.

Here are the only pictures I have on my camera..... sad... but true! I'll try to upload a few videos later.

One really cold day we just hung out inside and made a fort. The fun ended when one of the chairs that was holding the fort up fell over on top of Wade! He wasn't fazed.

Our boy is growing up and graduating to finger foods. He isn't taking to it the greatest, and still prefers to be spoon fed.
This past weekend we had some unseasonably warm January weather.
These pics are pretty much all of Wade since Lydda Grace still doesn't like to have her picture taken!!