Lydda Grace and Evelyn love to match. If we're together on Saturday and talk about it (or if one of the girls is having a clothing meltdown on Sunday morning) we let them match each other at church. For example, today they both wore smocked Clemson dresses. It is beginning to escalate a bit because we were just getting ready for night church and LG didn't want to change clothes unless she could match Evelyn! So I called Amanda to make sure we're on the same page tonight.... this is the conversation LG and I just had while we were changing her clothes.......

LG: I love Evelyn the most, she is my beeeeessst friend!
Mama: I'm so glad, she's a sweet friend.
LG: I know she's really sweet to me. We matched in big church today.
Mama: Were you both wearing your Clemson dresses and mary janes?
LG: Yes, she had on tiny mary janes because her feet are tiny, but I love her anyway. 


made by Wade

Wade's first painting (i must admit he didn't actually write his own name :))



We've been trying to teach Wade to say, "No thank you" when he doesn't want something (instead of squealing or yelling or something like that).

The other day I put him down to bed and apparently he wasn't ready to go to sleep because I left his room and heard him crying, "nooooo dank oooooo Mama!!! Noo dank ooooooo!!"


Lydda Grace-ism

LG is supposed to be napping.... I heard her calling and went to check, she has a cold and had gotten some nose goop on her pillow.

LG: "Look Mama!!!! Look at that spot on my pillow!!!" (in a very excited voice and with a smile)
Me: "Oops, looks like some stuff from your nose let me get that" (I wipe it off and flip her pillow over)
Now Lydda Grace you need to lay down and be very quiet until the clock says "3""
LG: "But Mama, if something happens on my pillow will you come rushing?"


today i sat...

and rocked my baby boy.

Wade woke up early from his nap today. He's congested and all snuffly and woke up crying, "hol' me!" How could I resist. We sat in the rocking chair, his head on my shoulder, burrowing in, and we just rocked. I looked at the laundry piled on the couch (still there tonight too!), thought about the bread I was preparing to make and freeze, the Sunday School project sprawled on my bedroom floor... and then I forgot about all of that and just rocked.

He fell asleep.

I fell asleep.

When I woke he was still sleeping. Sunlight was streaming in through our back windows, it was so quiet. The only sound was Wade's little stuffy breathing.  I just soaked it in. The stillness, the softness of my baby in my arms.

Much is changing in our lives right now, Wade will be two in just three short months, I ask LG to stop growing, please, and she always refuses and insists that she has to grow!, Jon is pretty much done with his dissertation (a moment that used to seem so far away) and Lord willing we'll be moving to China at the end of this summer.  Yeah, that last one is the real kicker for me these days, turning everything upside down as we pray and prepare and plan and think about who we'll be leaving.  Living with lots of questions and only being able to trust the Lord's hand as He guides us... I guess that's how we should always live....

So I rocked Wade and I cried... never entirely sure what I was crying about...sort of half happy and half sad... it felt good.

He stirred and I rubbed his back willing him to go back to sleep for just a few more minutes. It didn't work, 30 seconds later he was wide awake and asking for a snack :)

(p.s. Lydda Grace was napping during all of this!)


Videos from Children's Museum


So today while watching basketball I got this picture.

Can you believe Fincastle let Wade get this close?  I can't because none of the cats have gotten close to neither Lydda Grace or Wade while we have been here.

Children's Museum

Today we went to the Children's Museum of Winston-Salem.  Here are some pictures and videos from our days.

 So I made us leave early so we could get to the museum right when it opened.  We were 30 minutes early and the only ones in the parking lot.

A bean stalk to climb was the first thing we saw.  Lydda Grace cried to not be around it.  So our first experience in the museum was riding the elevator to the second floor, so that she did not have to see the bean stalk.
 Lydda Grace loved putting the napkins in the shoot with air.

Wade watching and learning.

This is so fun!  I can definitely do that.


Watch if fly!

Making "real" Krispy Kreme donuts.

The Truck....

was were to find Wade.

First Load the donuts

then share with the other kids.

Shopping at the grocery store.

Then eat and cut what you bought.

Making a craft.

The building area.

Wade Loved it.

Mine and Emily's princess!


The Park

So the kids and I are visiting Granna Wylie and Mr. Richard while Emily is away on a girls weekend with her Mom and sisters.  So today we had the opportunity to go to the park.  Here are some pictures from our time.