Crash and Burn

So most of you have probably Top Gun where Slider looks over at Maverick and says, "Crash and Burn, Crash and Burn, Mav!"

So here is about 45 minutes of Lydda Grace's life.

At 5:45pm, I am doing pushups with LG in my arms.  She is screaming, "Hey, everyone look at me."

At 6:15pm, asleep in Bebe's arms at the dinner table.

At 6:20pm, Emily wanted in on the action.  
Transfer of LG from Bebe to Mama.

Lydda Grace crashed and burned.

Moore Family photos

If some of you see one of these pictures on your Christmas cards from PopPop and Bebe, I appologize now.  Here are a couple of my favorites from the shoot.  (Outfits were not coordinated until today.  Not to bad in my opinion)

Take 1 of 3

Take 4 of 6

Take 7 of 9

My favorite (notice Uncle Mark and Uncle haha)

A happy family
(everyone looking at the camera with a least not a frown)

See what I mean.

A hand full (no pun intended)

Uncle Mark and Aunt Bethy

Uncle Haha, Aunt Bek Bek, and Gracie

Bebe and PopPop

Christmas Decorations

Today the Christmas Tree went up at Bebe and PopPop's house.  Here are some pictures from today.

Close up picture of ornaments

The 3 sisters hanging ornaments.

Uncle Mark was joking around and this is what happened to Lydda Grace's balloon.  (Tangled in the fan)

Wade, seeing the Christmas tree after his nap (we put it up during his nap).


Straight Hair

This post is for Rebekah.  Emily is now straightening her hair now (whenever she can borrow a hair straightener).  I know most of you are saying "Jon, why didn't you go to Kohl's today and get the straightener that was on sale?"

My response: The Kohl's in Columbia all out!

Anyway, picture of my beloved bride of 2159 days with straight.

Camp Fire

So tonight we decided to have a camp fire.  We roasted hot dogs and for desert had smores.  Here are pictures from our evening.

So you maybe wondering what do flowers have to do with a camp fire.  These were on the path bringing the picnic table to the camp fire.


Everybody around the fire.

Making sure Lydda Grace and Wade don't get in the fire.

After dark (Flash on camera)

The ambers and coals for cooking!


Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jenga!  This is how you play Jenga when Wade is in the room. (This was actually Thanksgiving Eve)

Emily and Lydda Grace watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC.

Aunt Bethy, Uncle Mark, and LG watching Parade.

Uncle Mark becomes the new best friend of LG and Wade.  He did a magic trick and made a bed come of the sofa where they could play.

So one of our Thanksgiving traditions is to give LG and Wade a gift that is Christmas related.  Here is a video of them opening the gift. (The toy that saved Christmas).

Here is a lizard on the outside of Bebe and PopPop's house. (LG calls it the small Iguana; Also, surprise Bebe you have fun animals on the outside of your house)

Johnny says he does not snore anymore!

Lydda Grace working with Ribbons and Buttons while Bebe sows.

Name place cards for Thanksgiving dinner!  LG helped Bebe make them during the day.

LG and Wade helping Bebe cook.


Lydda Grace-isms

Jason was over for dinner tonight (we missed you Lynn!) and was doing a card trick for LG.

Jason: So Lydda Grace, you know in a deck of cards there are suits like diamonds, clubs, hearts.....what are your favorites?
LG: Clubs and hearts are my favorites.
Jason: Okay, now in cards there are also numbers and people, what are your favorites of those?
LG: I like ones and twos and threes and BeBe and PopPop....

So innocent!

aunt bethy and uncle mark

We loved having Bethy and Mark visit for the weekend! 

What happens when Mama is away

So Emily went to a baby shower of a friend, so I got the opportunity to hangout with Lydda Grace and Wade.  Here are the happenings of our time together.

LG was climbing the tree.  She was doing a good job and then realized she had to go to the potty.  Bonus: she made it in time.

Here is a picture of Lydda Grace in a pillow when we got the mattress out.

LG singing and Dancing to Little Liza Jane.


Car ride to Clemson from Wedding


 No, I mean really out!

 "What is on my toe?"


"Lydda Grace on the water"

So tonight Emily was out of the house, I had the kids all to myself.  So we were at the dinner tonight and Emily had ask me to give the kids a bath.  So towards the end of dinner (which really means: Wade ate one bite of food and Lydda Grace ate two bites of each food), I started to sing: "Wade on the water".

So here is the discourse:
Jon: "Wade on the water"
Jon (a fifth above): "Wade on the water"
Jon (an eigth above): "Wade on the water"

Jon: repeated a second time the above.

Jon: "Wade on the water"
Jon (a fifth above): "Wade on the water"
Lydda Grace (an eigth above): "Lydda Grace on the water"

Lydda Grace (in low voice): "Lydda Grace and Wade in the water"
Lydda Grace (a fifth above): "Balls and wash rags in the water"
Wade (interjection): "Ba, Ba" [Short for Bath]
Lydda Grace (an eigth above): "Bubbles in the water" [indicating to me she wanted a bubble bath]

Note: Emily has told me that this maybe confusing for some people.  So I will try to get the kids to do it again and then I will try to get a video so that you can understand that all the above happened while singing.

while we were gone

While we were away in China Lydda Grace and Wade stayed very busy with BeBe and PopPop! They (the kids I mean!) did amazingly well (well now that I think about it so did BeBe and PopPop!!). We Skyped with them twice and it didn't seem to faze them. Here are a few highlights.
Skyping with Mama and Dada

I miss those little curls!

Practicing memory verses with PoPop, this is our
typical breakfast routine so it was nice to continue
while we were away.

Wade loves to snuggle and will often lay down
on the floor for a 5 second "nap"

LG got some fun new paperdolls from BeBe and PopPop! 

Watching Clemson football- you guys should have cheered louder!

Making pumpkin cookies with Aunt Kay, who came to stay
for a couple days and help out

They did go to the zoo but this picture was taken
at the ...... new gas station!! haha! I love that!
I haven't been yet, but it's apparently really nice
has a nice area to sit, etc. 

Making monkey bread. Wearing this apron with her nose scrunched
up..... this could be me at her age! 

It doesn't get much better than a big box!
 Thank you BeBe and PopPop for a fun week while Mama and Dada were gone!!!
BeBe also took the time to write down a few of the kids' comments while we were away. Here are some of my favorites:

BeBe to LG: "You are beautiful all the time"
LG: "Yeah, my mom tells me that" (I'm working on teaching her she's not just beautiful after she puts on a pretty dress and a bow in her hair!... Glad it seems to be sticking!)

LG: " I got on this stool all by myself. It is amazing!!!"

Wade's new words: oreo, ping pong, quilt, i do, goofball (this was copying "Fancy Nancy"), (pretty much copying the last word or two of what someone else has said)

BeBe: "Who wants to go to Wal-mart?"
---- you would have though I (BeBe) said Disney World!

LG (looking in the mirror w/ her new skirt on): "I look famous!"