reading to Wade

Lydda Grace really really loves her little brother. She always wants to hug, kiss and hold him. Here she is reading to him. I love it when she leans over and gives him a kiss :)

visit from BeBe and Great Grammy

My Mom brought my Grandma for a visit to meet Wade this past week and we had such a nice time. Lydda Grace kept Grammy busy playing ball, coloring, reading, playing with toys, etc.

This is Lydda Grace doing her new favorite thing, helping to cook. Whenever I am in the kitchen she asks to help, for her apron and for a chair to stand on. Then she says "no touch" because I am always telling her not to touch things like the grater, the mixer, knives, etc. In reality she doesn't seem to understand what "no touch" means as she likes to snack on whatever I'm cooking, especially cheese! Here she's helping BeBe make a quiche.

"boos in the buck"

Today we went blueberry ("boos") picking. We got out early because it was very hot and met up with Molly and Carson (so great to visit with them!). On the way to the farm in the car we read Blueberries for Sal and talked about how Lydda Grace was going to pick blueberries just like little Sal and put them in her bucket ("buck").

"boos, buck, lil' Sal, boos, boos, lil' Sal, buck" We heard this over and over :) She was clearly excited.

We told LG to only pick the blue ones to put in her bucket and she did a great job! She put about 15 in her bucket before she ate one. Then she ate all the ones in her bucket and thereafter ate every single one as she picked them!!! But she was so sweet, she stayed with us while we picked and just ate boos to her hearts content.

It was a very fun family outing that we'll definitely repeat. (And Wade slept the WHOLE time!) Sorry no pictures....

little parrot

The other night Lydda Grace was having a pre-bedtime snack of Kix and a cup of milk. Kix are new for her and she was eating them one at a time. After trying to give one to Wade!.... I told her she could feed one to me. She grinned, put one in my mouth and said, "Good girl!" Then she grabbed another Kix, turned to me and said, "Ope' wide." I obediently opened my mouth, ate another Kix and was rewarded with another "Good girl!"

I was crying I was laughing so hard!


big girl bed

We decided to see if Lydda Grace wanted to sleep in the double bed in her room. We talked it up for several days and she was VERY excited about.

We "practiced."
On the big night we tucked her in.
We read books and sang.
And here she is the next morning!
Wait... rewind. She ended up crying... no SOBBING hysterically and asked to sleep in her crib. So we moved her to her crib. This last picture from the following morning is when she decided she WANTED to get back in the bed!


second photo shoot

Amazingly Wade was still wearing the same clothes this afternoon so we had a second session, this time with Lydda Grace.

This next one is my favorite.... poor boy!!

photo shoot

Just look at my sweet little man!

little mama

Me: "Lydda Grace, what are you doing?"

LG: "Feeding."

Me: "Ohhhh..." (I think I get it at this point) "what are you feeding DogDog?"

LG: "Milk."Yep... I was right...

lake day

Thursday morning we ventured out to the lake with some friends. This was my first big outing with both the kids on my own... though it wasn't truly on my own because it was really nice to have extra eyes watching Lydda Grace play in the lake.

Wade must love being outside because even though he was overdue to eat he slept... well, like a baby... I finally got him up to feed him and he even slept through his diaper change. I mean, who doesn't love taking a nap, by the lake in the shade with a nice breeze on a summer day!
This busy little bee had a great time playing in the sand and the water. Her footing was a little unsteady in the sand and water but she did really well and had a lot of fun.

happy boy



We had lots of visitors on Monday and it was so fun!!

Bethany and Mark are now in ATL so Bethany drove up with Mollie and Grayson. Then Christy brought her two little ones, Haley and Brooke (who is three days younger than Wade), from Greenville. Rebekah stopped by while she was on-campus and then Dad (Pop-Pop) came for a visit while he was in the area on business/going to the baseball game! Whew! It was an exiciting day.

Sadly... I took 0 pictures, but Mollie sent these to document the excitement.



My mom bought Lydda Grace this little pink sailor dress back in February when Jon and I were in Williamsburg. She also got a little blue boy sailor suit "just in case" (I think we were all pretty convinced that Wade was a boy well before he arrived!). Today they wore them to church, so sweet!


newborn pictures

A little while back Carson and Molly came over to take some newborn pictures of Wade. Carson brought all his studio equipment, our living room was lit up brilliantly and we were all set for great pictures. Apparently Jon and I were not convincing enough when we told Lydda Grace and Wade to cooperate! Lydda Grace wanted nothing to do with her baby brother (a rarity!) and Wade just wanted to cry..... amazingly... Carson worked his magic and we ended up with great photos again!!! We highly recommend Carson (and Molly) if you're looking for some great pictures :)


naked girls

You have to check out the Caldwells' "Naked girls" post! Lydda Grace and Evelyn had so much fun running around in their diapers!!

wade's 2 week check-up

Even though he's 3 weeks old Wade's 2 week check-up was today. Guess how big he is.... seriously take a wild guess..................

11lbs. and 2 oz! WHAT?! Just to refresh, when he was born 3 weeks ago he weighed 9lbs. even. The little man is getting chunky fast!

I'll have pictures soon :)