nature walk with daddy

We recently had a great visit with BeBe and PopPop in Chapin. I was out one morning so Jon took the kids on a nature walk around the yard.....

a caterpillar



beginnings of an oak tree


baby Anna

Yay! Baby Anna arrived and we got to go visit! Lydda Grace didn't want to hold her, Wade really wanted to hold her, but that wasn't going to happen!! 
Anna is so precious and we are so excited for Jason and Lynn!! 

what's old is new again....

We pulled out this Playmobil dollhouse while we were down in Chapin recently, got it out one night while Lydda Grace was sleeping and had it set up for her the next morning. She loved it and played with it for a really long time! It was fun to dust it off (literally!) and see her enjoy it so much! 

daddy's little helper

Wade did this for a really long time, then he got tired and resorted to dragging his mower along while sucking his thumb, but he kept at it and mowed with Jon for at least an hour or more! 



Katherine spent the night with Lydda Grace when her sister had a little surgery. We had a lot of fun! The girls were so sweet together. Jon went in about 9:30 and did his "mean" voice to tell them to stop talking and go to sleep.... but he came out laughing :)
LG and Katherine on the double mattress.... this didn't last long :)

I wanted to get a picture of the girls in their matching dresses
guess who didn't want to take a picture.....

Wade wants in on it.... but not LG!!

Still nothing!

and that's as good as it gets folks!

making get well flowers for Mary Elizabeth

fishy tails

I would LOVE to fix Lydda Grace's hair in lots of fun ways.... unfortunately she likes two things: having it pulled back half way, and in a ponytail. Anytime I start to do something different she notices and typically throws something of a fit. Sad!

A few months ago I started to do her hair in double braids and as expected whining ensued. I said, "What if I do a ballerina bun?!?!" LG said, "Nooooooooo!!!! I want a ponytail!" I said, "What about fish tails?!?!" (thinking about the fishtail like braid thing) LG said, "Ohhh, yes, fishy tails!!!!!"
I reasoned to myself that she probably wouldn't know the difference in a french braid and a fishtail so I just did french braids, she loved them and now regularly asks for "fishy tails" in her hair. Just DON'T call them braids!!!! 

beauty shop


botanical gardens

With beautiful weather in February we had a fun trip to the Botanical Gardens with friends!
in Peter Rabbit's garden

Lydda Grace and Phoebe

holding hands!love this!

guess who?

I found Guess Who at Goodwill a while back and hadn't thought Lydda Grace was old enough for it yet. Wow was I wrong!
We pulled it out a few weeks ago to try and she loves it, after a few times playing as a team she can play all on her own now. 

catching up

We're coming up on almost a month since the last blog post so this is a really quick update from the rest of February and into March!
1. Making sugar cookies for friends to decorate on Valentine's
2. Reading with Mama
3. Loved finding LG and Jon passed out while he was singing and praying with her before bedtime.
4. Little helpers in the kitchen.
5. We've had a few rounds of colds.
6. LG had just done a tough puzzle and wanted a picture.... but I can't get the puzzle to fit in this little square :)
7. Hanging out with Miles
8. Popsicles in the tub.
9. Snacks outside in great weather!!