almost done

Beginning in late July through mid-August is the mad dash, the rantic frenzy to the finish... aka the beginning of the school year. In some ways it's kind of funny that though school is just starting, we are working towards finishing the starting process... if that makes any sense at all! Jon started training in late July and move-in should finish up TODAY! Then classes start Monday and things will gradually settle into a much more normal pattern. It's hard to believe August is halfway through.

We have a great staff of guys this year who really seem to work well together and who really care about their residents... that's a great combination that will certainly make our lives a lot easier. We are very thankful for them!!

I have been working to get my class ready for the fall and have been meeting a lot with my international students who have just come to campus and were unable to come to orientation. I really love working with this population and the unique challenges they face! I've also been trying to help Jon in the evenings stay caught up on some stuff for work which also gives us a chance to hang out that we otherwise wouldn't have.
This past week we had a wonderful visit from Andrea and her boyfriend Brian. They are moving to Charlotte and stopped through for dinner. It was fantastic to see her and get to meet him. Who would have ever thought 5 years ago that we would end up living so close to each other now!

Last night we had a dessert drop-in for the RAs and some of Jon's colleagues. It was a fun break in the midst of move-in weekend and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I love it when we have folks over! It's also fun when we have the door propped open to watch the incredulous faces pass by as they wonder what in the world our apartment is doing in this residence hall. Some stop by and ask... like the new student last night and his mom who asked me to make sure and take care of her baby to her son's "none of that baby stuf mom!!" It was precious.

Here are some updated pics... Andrea's visit and ... Finn (of course!)

In front of the stadium.

Resting on top of the (clean) laundry