almost july

It is absolutely crazy how quickly this summer is passing! Hard to believe that July is just around the corner. We have had a pretty relaxing June but things are bound to step it up a notch next month. In June we....
- worked...
- had some fun dinners with folks from church
- I (emily) have stated attending a women's summer study with church
- visited Yadkinville for a few days
- took a few days off here at home just to catch up and relax

This weekend starts the transition between summer session 1 and 2... meaning... Jon has to work :o( But... the good news is that we leave Monday night for Columbia!! We are both looking forward to visiting since it was Easter the last time Jon was there, and was May at graduation since I've been. It'll be fun to see where things are on the new house and to spend some time on the lake!

Hopefully we'll have some pictures to post from that soon.


summer is really here

Summer in Blacksburg means thunderstorms, or at least the prediction of them everyday, and and with them forecast for the past week and a half... I think that means it's really summer! We are getting into the summer routine at work and are looking forward to our vacations in June and July to go visit family. Here are a few updates of what's been going on with us...
Memorial Day we spent here in Blacksburg and went for a looong walk (about 7 miles) and then to a cookout with som families from church. It was a very fun and relaxing day.
This weekend has been pretty productive, as Jon went to a men's workday at church and I got a lot of things done around the apt. Made some granola (never done that before!) and it turned out great!
Monday we're having friends from church over for dinner who will be leaving this summer for job and school related stuff. There are something like 10 families in our church moving this summer!! :o(
Now for the pictures...

Here's my handsome husband in his new bow tie. I think he pulls the look off pretty well!

And here he is with his latest hobby- classical guitar. True musicians may recognize that the guitar he is playing is in fact acoustic.... however, he's learning classical style and if things go well we may be in the market. He's doing great so far! All those years of piano and band have definitely paid off (though he just said... and I quote, "This is very difficult!"-- he's practicing right now)

And... last but not least... what you've all been waiting for-- updates on Finn. First of all the cat is a mess! During Jon's last guitar lesson he was all over the place... being so naughty... inside Jon's teacher's guitar case, on the refrigerator, running back and forth like a crazy man! It was too funny. We also just last night purchased a mat to place outside his litterbox to catch any litter that's on his paws so he won't track it in the house. Well, we were confused b/c there was still litter being tracked, so just a bit ago we heard him in the litterbox and went to see what happened. Finn finished his business and then ever so carefully stepped out to the side of the mat and walked all the way around it without touching it! He's one smart kitty!

Here is Finn sitting dutifully by the door watching Jon in the hallway of our building.

And here is Finn inside a box with packing paper in it. He loves his boxes!