for meredith

Thank you Mer for encouraging me to blog again... lol... I was planning to wait until after our next ultrasound on Tuesday to post some pictures but will go ahead and post some now so that you can see the changes when I post then!

Overall we're doing really well. I'll be 19 weeks on Monday and have started to feel some little flutters that I think are the baby... I'm never 100% sure though!

Below are some past pictures.

This is our first ultrasound at 10 weeks!

This is at 15 weeks, starting to get a little pooch :o)

I was going to post my 10 week picture of me too to give a base picture... but I've got a pooch in that one just because of fat, not because of baby, so I don't think I want it on the web!! We'll let you know how things go on Tuesday!

And not to neglect Finn.... he's doing great and loves it here! He is absolutely fascinated by the birds outside our windows, I think we are going to put some bird seed out to attract them even more for him. He's also been very blessed to have some new boxes to play with lately... lol... that cat loves boxes. Here he is in side one that is WAY too small, but he loves it!



While we certainly miss our VT family and friends we are loving being back in Clemson. Jon's job as an Area Coordinator is just what he was looking for and he has commented several times on how much he loves this new position. Lots of folks keep asking if we're "settled" and the answer is yes! We are very much settled in. There are still one or two boxes tucked in closets here and there but nothing major or urgent. We are enjoying getting involved at Clemson Pres and I'm doing a fantastic Women's Bible study on Wednesday mornings. Jon is doing an early morning men's study on Fridays and we've joined up with the same growth group we attended before we left which is great!

In baby news... the baby is doing great! At our appointment this past Monday the heartbeat was strong and everything looks good. We're having our next ultrasound on March 4th. This would be the time that we could find out if it's a boy or girl, but, we have decided to be surprised! Jon's gut feeling is that it's a girl... I don't really have a gut... we're looking forward to finding out in a little under 6 months. I'm feeling much better now and my energy is really returning for the most part which is a huge blessing.