a present for you

We got out our plastic Easter eggs today. And I have been doing laundry this morning.

Lydda Grace decided to wrap up an egg in a t-shirt and gave it to me as a "Christmas present." She was REALLY excited to give it to me. So I said, "Can I give you a present now?" Her eyes just lit up. So I wrapped up the egg (the same one) right in front of her and handed her the t-shirt and said, "Here's a present for you!" She beamed and danced around and said, "Thank you, oh, thank you, I love it!!!" (in this really high pitched voice) before she even unwrapped her "gift."

We continued to give t-shirt wrapped eggs back and forth with equal joy at each giving and receiving.

I love this girl!!!!


big girl haircut!

About a week ago I finally got up the nerve to cut Lydda Grace's hair. I knew a shorter haircut would make her look older, but it was much needed so one night in the bathtub I cut it. To keep her still I told her a story about Fincastle (the cat we used to have who she loves to hear stories about) and if she started squirming I stopped the story. :) It worked amazingly well!

However... she did NOT want to pose for pictures after the fact!

visit to Chapin

Two weeks ago (I'm actually starting to get somewhat close to catching up on posts!) we went down to Chapin for a visit with BeBe and PopPop. It was such a nice weekend because we didn't have anything we had to do. Very relaxing!

Thursday morning BeBe came up for the day and the kids and I rode back to Chapin with her and Jon joined us. That morning at breakfast we had a full rainbow stretching clear across our backyard. I grabbed Lydda Grace up from breakfast and took her outside in the light rain to see it. She was really confused when it disappeared a little while later.

Saturday morning we went to the zoo! The fish are a favorite!

I think they were looking at zebras here.

Lydda Grace was scared of the giraffe, but Wade was curious!

We even got to eat outside a couple times because the weather was so nice! This is after church on the screened porch.

sleepy head

Wade had napped for a super long time one day so I needed to get him up. The perfect opportunity for a sleeping picture! Anytime that I want him to keep on sleeping I wouldn't dare do this!


Praise to the Lord

Lydda Grace loves to sing! She always asks for "Hide 'em Heart" when we're in the car and it makes us so thankful and happy that by singing scripture she is hiding the Word in her heart at such a young age. She also really likes hymns. This is her rendition of "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty"


our little artist

Lydda Grace is turning into quite the little artist.

She is very meticulous... (to the point that tonight she was coloring a picture I drew for her and she got really upset and said, "erase it! erase it!" because she hadn't colored it how she wanted to.... Lydda Grace, I am telling you now and I will continue to tell you as you grow up... you can't be perfect baby! Daddy and I love you just the way you are inside or outside the lines. We hope and pray with confidence that one day you will know Jesus as your Savior and His perfect righteousness is all that you'll ever need).

I love to watch her concentration and it amazes me how long she can sit and color or draw...

In these pictures we traced her body and colored her in (she always puts polish on her nails when she draws herself... but refuses to let me paint her toenails in real life!). Then I gave her some random objects to trace.

i just like this picture

sweet friends

I'm stealing one of the Caldwells latest posts... check it out!

greenville zoo

Back in February... I can't keep dates straight at all right now... we had a super warm day and went to the Greenville Zoo with the Arrowoods and Evelyn. We had not been before and it was just the right size for the big kids to walk the whole thing and for the little ones to not get too bored. After a picnic lunch a little time on the playground we headed back home with some wiped out kiddos!



** I just realized I never published this post that I started back on March 3**

We are coming out of the sickness and it has been nasty!

I came down with it Monday night... the stomach flu... and I was experiencing every aspect of the illness... to put it nicely. Tuesday morning when Jon got Wade up we realized he had thrown up in the night and then it moved to the other end for another 24 hours. He bounced back very quickly and for the most part just took good naps, cuddled a lot and exploded some diapers. I think part of the worst of it was the fatigue I have never been so wiped out in my life.

Wednesday morning I got Lydda Grace up and she said, "Where's Dada?" I told her he was still in bed, that he was sick now, and she started crying! "I don't want Dada to get sick!" Jon came to reassure her that he would be fine. Throughout this sickness she has repeatedly asked us "are you better?" or "are you a yidda (little) better?" Her care and concern are too sweet. Especially when she kissed my knee and told me I was "all better."

It's now Thursday night. I feel almost back to normal, Wade is fine and Jon is still coming out of it. We keep reminding ourselves how blessed we are and keep being thankful, in all the sickness and sadness of the world this was nothing. Thank you Jesus for a happy and healthy family!!!



LG and Jon and Wade were looking at the DOG book earlier and she really got into it. She is very particular about which dogs she likes and which she doesn't. She likes "fluffy" dogs. Especially poodles.
So Wade is down for a nap and she and Jon are watching the dog show DVD and she is like a running commentary!

"His name is poodle. Where is the dog with spots? Is he fluffy? I want some of the fluffy dogs. I want THAT fluffy dog! He's not smooth? Is it fluffy? What's that lady's name? There's the poodle! I saw the poodle! Where is the poodle? Those are my fluffy dogs, I saw a fluffy dog for me. I don't want that dog."

My favorite was when she saw the lhasa apso and said, "Where's its feet?!"


Lydda Grace-isms

I love that Lydda Grace calls Wade, "Little Buddy" but it sounds more like, "Yidda Buuudy." She loves him so much it's precious!

Lately when Lydda Grace wants to see someone she wants to see their face. As in when Jon was out of town a little while back I told her Dada would be home soon and she said, "I want to see his face!" I thought it was a one time thing but she keeps saying it.