sweet pea

We borrowed Lydda Grace's Halloween costume from some friends at church and we're determined to use it as much as possible in this Halloween weekend! This weekend is a conference here on-campus for Jon's work, so Lydda Grace and I went to visit this afternoon. You could hear the collective "awwws" throughout the building as Jon showed her off :o)


sneak peek

Is it wrong to make her wear this ALL DAY tomorrow? I can't stop laughing, our little "sweet pea" is way too cute!



Dada was out of town this weekend in Texas. It was his first time away from us since you were born. We did just fine- but missed him lots!


Lydda Grace's new trick is blowing bubbles (aka spitting). She does it all the time and it's too funny. Here she is in her exersaucer. I wedged her in real good with some towels because she can't hold herself upright yet, but she likes "standing up" so this is a good place for her.

I think I must have wedged her a little too tight.... you'll see why at the end.


heading to church

Check out the pink shoes :o) They were Bethany's and are just too cute!


It's been almost a month since I've written in here. You are growing like crazy and smile, laugh and coo all the time! You are sleeping through the night off and on, but "no worries!" like your Dada always says.


not hollywood bound

Today Rachel Wetzel (one of Rebekah's college roommates) came to take some pictures of Lydda Grace. Rachel is an excellent photographer (she did Bek's bridal portrait) and I can't wait to see the pictures! However.... as DJ, Rachel's husband put it, "Lydda Grace is not going to be a movie star." She was not loving being in front of the camera today! We tried EVERYTHING to get her to smile... we even put her down for a nap for a while! She did a little bit, but mostly she just stared at us like we were crazy! Oh well!

Here are a few random pics from the past few weeks... as you can see, she will smile when she wants to! Who knows where she gets that stubbornness from?


happy baby girl

Here's Lydda Grace back in August, right at 2 months ago...

Here she is today in the same outfit!! Look how much she's grown! This pink gingham is one of my favorites and now she's almost too big for it!

first trip away from home

Lydda Grace and I drove down on Thursday to visit my parents in Chapin. Bethany and Mark rode with us, a huge help, and then Jon joined us on Friday afternoon for the weekend. We had a wonderful time and Lydda Grace did GREAT, sleeping well and just being her usual happy self!

Sunday afternoon we went to a baby shower for my college roommate Ashley and her baby Ava (due in Jan.). It was Lydda Grace's first party :o) lots of fun!

Sleeping in Gran's arms
I love this picture! This is one of my Dad's all-time favorite books that he read to us when we were little. Lydda Grace really was paying attention!


baptism dress

We didn't really get any pictures of just Lydda Grace yesterday so I dressed her again today to take some pictures. My Gran (my mom's mom) made this dress and my sisters and I all wore it for our baptisms. It is all hand sewn and so sweet.


busy weekend

Lydda Grace has had a busy weekend!

On Saturday she met her Great Memama Wylie for the first time. Papa and Granna came to visit too. Then on Sunday she was baptized at Clemson Presbyterian. Grandpa and Gran and Aunt Bekah, Uncle Javi and Aunt Bethy all came too. We had a nice lunch afterwards, which she slept through :o)

Here are some pictures:
Meeting Great Memama

With Mama and Daddy at church after the service.

With family after the service.

Four generations.

Gran and her girls.



Okay... definitely not really standing. But Lydda Grace loves for us to hold under her arms and to push with her feet. It's so funny b/c when she really gets going she concentrates really hard and sometimes her little head and arms kind of start to shake she's trying so much! This is one of our secret tactics when she's fussy, she likes it so much she'll stop crying when we hold her like this.

photo shoot

My mom recently got some ladies at church together to make a ton of "pillowcase" dresses to send to an orphanage in Haiti. The dresses are so sweet and they even put little tags in them saying that they were made especially for that child with love. Most of these kids have never had anything new or just for them in their lives.

I borrowed one of the dresses to see size-wise how it fit Lydda Grace (it was a little small...). I'm thinking of using this pattern for her Halloween costume.

Anyway, once she was dressed we had to take some pictures and I loved how they turned out! So I just posted them all :o)
Not too sure about this.....

Oooo! This is fun!

I think I like this dress!

And back to the "serious" face...