27 weeks and counting

Today we had our 27 week appointment and so far so good. I didn't gain quite as much weight this time which was good. The doctor and nurses were super nice which was such a blessing b/c I had been worried lately about the baby not seeming to move as much. It helps a lot to hear encouraging words from them when I go. The only downside was that I failed my sugar test :o( I'll go next week to take the 3-hour sugar test to see if I have gestational diabetes. No worries, I'm just glad BW is doing well!! I'll try to post a picture soon.... but with Bek and Javier's wedding coming up, closing in the residence halls, and all sorts of other busyness, I'm not promising it immediately :o)
Have a blessed evening.


almost 24 week picture

For those of you who have asked, here's me and the baby at almost 24 weeks.


baby update- 23 weeks

Baby Wylie is growing right along. We had our 23 week appointment yesterday and all was well. The doctor encouraged me to eat more fruits and veggies and lay off the carbs to be more careful with my weight gain, but overall a good report! I go in a month to do the sugar test and then we start appointments every two weeks.... crazy! That really makes me feel like we're getting closer.
I am certainly not regretting that we didn't find out what we're having (yes, i know we are having a baby... I mean a boy or girl) but I definitely can't wait to meet our little surprise! It really is kind of strange how quickly things are moving along though and I don't want to wish this precious time away at all.