One of our adopted students rows on the crew team and I got to take the kids out one Saturday morning while Jon had to work to see a regatta. They loved all the people and dogs and the water and rocks, etc... but didn't seem to understand that we were actually looking at boats since the rowing boats look so different than any boat they've ever seen!

We had been watching for a while, and I kept pointing out the teams rowing by and the colors of the boats, and then a motorboat zooms up the middle of the lake in front of us, "Booooaaaatttt!!!!" they both yelled! 


my husband.... the cow

For a Staff Senate fundraiser Jon was asked (they figured he was the only one who would do it) to dress up as the Chick-fil-a cow.  Since Jon's middle name is "Chick-fil-a" he was beyond excited. (He came home when he found out and said, "GUESS WHAT I GET TO BE?!?!?!?!".... just like that)

So here's our family with Jon as the CFA cow.... but where is Lydda Grace? She is in the playground, in the highest farthest corner saying over and over, "I don't want to see the cow!".... She FINALLY came down when Jon got out of the costume and personally came and got her. 


made by LG

I got this idea from Deep Space Sparkle (very fun site that can't wait to do more with when the kids are older!).
We read A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni.

And then LG got to paint her own chameleon! She loved it and painted several of them. I just drew the shape with a pencil, she painted it in and then we cut it out. Very simple and fun.


made by LG

Here's the latest in LG's art endeavors....
The other day on a family walk we saw a rabbit tear around the corner and go into
the woods. Two seconds later, an animal appeared around the corner that made us
pause.... it was a fox! We came home and found some fox pictures to color!

After we went apple picking we did some apple activities.
This was our attempt at stamping apples to see the star in the middle....
Maybe next year!


apple picking

We went apple picking at SkyTop Orchard last Friday. It was SO fun! The kids had a great time picking apples and then we sampled lots of different kinds and chose some from the store. We had a picnic and enjoyed some pumpkin and apple cider donuts. A super fun day!! 
Wade was really excited about the "mumps"

LG really savored her donut!

BeBe found some really low apples the kids could reach on their own!

our Wade

The kids and I were at my parents' house while Jon was doing dissertation work and I took him outside one day while LG was resting. It was fun to have some one-on-one time with my boy! 

love this boy

like sister like brother

Lydda Grace put a chair on her head. 

Wade wanted a chair on his head too.


Wade LOVES to do everything Lydda Grace does.... he'll copy what she says, how she acts... everything. Any toy she has, he wants it....

crop walk

If you've not heard of Crop Walk before check out their site. Basically, the idea of Crop Walk is that "we walk because they walk" recognizing that millions of people around the world are starving and don't have access to clean water. They often have to walk long distances for fresh water. Crop Walks raise money for fighting hunger around the world and in local communities. 

LG and I participate in our local walk this year. She was really excited about it and we talked a lot about why we were walking. I took her in the jogging stroller since I didn't think she'd be able to make it over 3 miles... good thing I did because she ended up sleeping most of the way!! 

let's go fly a kite

We tried to go fly a kite the other day... I sat Wade down with a snack so LG and I could get the kite up in the air.... after several attempts we decided that we need Daddy to fly a kite and she sat down and had some pretzels too. Hopefully we'll get out soon with Jon!

fun craft

This is a fun new craft we do, I write a "secret message" with white crayon on a white piece of paper. Then LG paints over it with watercolors revealing the message! Simple and very fun :)