moving--- in more ways than one

After 5 1/2 years of blogging over at we're switching things up. From what we've read and heard Wordpress should give us greater flexibility on our blog and now seemed like a good time to make a change.  You can now find us at: 
Many of you will know by this point that we are planning to move this coming July (7/24/2012) to China for Jon to teach English at a university. Changing to a new blog now kind of serves as a defining break at this big transition point in our family's life. We're also excited to switch so that we can officially have "teamwylie" in our web address.  Please check out our About page to read why we call ourselves "teamwylie."
Thanks for loving us and caring about us!
Grace and peace,
Jon, Emily, Lydda Grace and Wade


Goodnight Moon

Here is Wade Reading:

"Goodnight moon"

A Tribute to the Two Year Old

Today, Wade is Two.
Here are two video's of him

"Big Hitting"

dear Wade

Hey Wadester!

Today you are two, and we are somewhat in disbelief that this day is here, truly a toddler now.  Sweet boy you melt my heart everyday, your sweet smile, your love for cuddles and the way you talk-- I just try to soak it all in savoring all the little bits of your life at this age.

Here are some things that I love about you right now:

- you go and get a book to read and then walk to me on the sofa, turn around and wait to be hoisted in my lap

- "watsh me mama! watsh me!" you say just so you know I'm watching you do something exciting... like hitting a bat on the floor or throwing a ball

- some days when you wake up from your nap or early in the morning you are still cuddly and love to be held and snuggle

- you love to talk.... a lot... I think you've realized that's a necessity to keep up with your big sister

- what a little helper you are- you do such a great job when I ask you to help with something

- you would live outside if we let you, any chance you get you are outside... with a ball

- jumping is probably your favorite thing ever, off of things, over things, just jumping to jump, you love it. I am a bit unnerved sometimes at the heights you try to jump off but you always amaze me that you really can do it! just another reminder how quickly you're growing.

We have some big changes coming up for our family buddy, your next year is bound to hold lots of new experiences and many ups and downs.  We are so thankful the Lord wanted you to be a part of our family, I am so blessed to be your mama!

I love you dearly!



sweet friends

We had fun celebrating the upcoming arrival of Reagan with Cat! 
I love all these sweet ladies who are such a blessing to me! 

the purple was totally not intentional! 


Really can't believe I'm posting these pictures.... but this is part of our life! 
Wade and I both came down with a tummy bug this past week and we were both wiped out! Poor little guy didn't have a clue what was going on. Jon had the hard job staying up all night with Wade since I was too sick to help. LG and Jon both stayed healthy though, Praise the Lord! 

messy but fun

We've been up to lots of messy projects lately. 
I've been waiting for some pretty days to do this stuff outside and so we've really gotten into it! 
First off was cloud dough

Then on another day I made these paints while Wade was napping and LG painted the front door. 
Of course Wade's first words when he woke up were "me paint!!"
So he joined in the fun :)

 The body painting was a huge hit! Next time we'll just skip the door! 
Afterwards I stripped the kids down to their undies/diaper and chased them around the front yard with the hose, they cleaned up really well thanks to the dish soap in the paint!