just waiting

That's what we're finding ourselves doing these days. Today is one week away from the baby's due date. Our visit to the doctor this morning showed the baby and me to both be healthy and ready, but so far nothing is actually happening. So we wait!

Jon keeps reminding me... the baby WILL come eventually! :)


outside today

Today I had a special 'prise for Lydda Grace. After her nap I told her we were going to go take a ride on the bus (we have fare-free campus transportation across campus... it's just not something that we ever have need of). When I told her what we were going to do her eyes just lit up and she kept saying "thank you, thank you!!" and the whole time we were walking to the bus stop she said "bus, bus!!" Clearly, she was excited :) As soon as we stepped on the bus though everything changed... she said "no, no, no" and just clung to my neck and would not let go! Instead of riding for a while we got off at the next stop... oh well! I guess the good news is that now I don't have to worry about her begging to ride the bus everytime one passes :)

So instead of bus riding she just ran around outside for a while chasing squirrels and birds and picking up sticks... lots of fun!!

This next picture is from yesterday before church. Mom got this little sailor dress for Lydda Grace a while back (and she got a baby boy blue sailor outift "just in case"!). For some reason when I was trying to take this picture Lydda Grace only wanted to walk backwards...


baby shower fun

Sadly I did a REALLY bad job with pictures of our baby showers.... i.e. forgetting my camera. We have been so blessed by the gifts and generosity of friends!

Last week Amy (aka Zoey's mom) had a shower with friends from church and I had a wonderful time! I think my favorite part was just having a chance to hang out with other women for the evening and talk!! (Thankfully Amy DID take some pictures so we have proof... I got them off facebook so not sure why they are so tiny....)Yesterday Jon's colleagues had a shower for us on-campus and it was fun because Jon and Lydda Grace got to come to this one! Lydda Grace did really well, she helped us open a few gifts but she didn't seem to think it was "all about her" as much as I was expecting. Again we were blessed with lots of super helpful gifts (diapers!!! yay!!!).

I think one of the best parts of both showers were how cute they were decorated. Amy floated pink and blue rubber ducks in the punch bowl which is an idea I am totally stealing sometime. And Helen and Michael used lots of useful things like wipes and baby lotion along with tissue paper and ribbon to make some practical but cute decorations. Also, Marijohn and Andy made a super cute nightlight. Everyone is so creative and I love getting new ideas!!

So even though I don't have a ton of pictures we will always remember and be grateful to everyone for helping us prepare for and welcome this precious baby!

lydda grace lately

Here's what Lydda Grace has been up to lately as we're waiting for baby brother or sister to arrive.
We made a fort under the kitchen table.

She went to drop off some papers with Daddy for work and visited several offices in the process.... this is what she came home with! A bag, megaphone, pompom, tiger balloon, and a bag of cookies!

At our baby shower yesterday Lydda Grace got a camera. She LOVES it and walks around holding it right up to her face saying, "cheese!"

And here she is readig with Daddy. This is a book we got from the Courter's for the baby and it's the only "new baby book" I've let her read. She says "new" before we read it, knowing that it's the baby's and afterward she often says, "'gin, 'gin"so we read it again. I think this was Jon's third time through in a row :)


racing Wylie's

This past Friday Jon ran in a 5K to support Take Back the Night (focusing on stopping violence against women). He pushed Lydda Grace in the race and she was definitely the most popular racer of the bunch, Jon said everyone waved to her and they got lots of cheers! Carson came through for us yet again as he was photographing the event and we got some great pictures.This is almost to the half way point.
Coming up on the finish line.



We had a relaxing Sunday afternoon! Jason and Lynn came over for the guys to brew beer and after Lydda Grace's nap the three girls went on a walk. It was beautiful out!!!
This is the first dress I've made Lydda Grace with her monogram on my new embroidery machine!
Smelling flowers with Lynn (Lydda Grace calls her, "Yen")


Lydda Grace

Our friend Carson took these pictures yesterday when we were at an event on-campus. She really was having fun, I promise! What a sweet girl!!!!

uh oh!

This morning Jon had Bible study early early so I didn't get a shower before he left. I decided to let Lydda Grace watch Curious George so that I could sneak in a quick shower. I got her all set up and literally took a 5 minute shower. As I got out the first thing I heard was her little voice saying, "Uh oh, uh oh" I panicked and dashed into the den dripping wet to find her pointing at the TV and "uh ohing" because of something a mischevious little monkey had done. Whew!


my new hobby

Since Lydda Grace has been born I have been sewing more and more and am enjoying it so much!

For my birthday Jon (MAJORLY) surprised me with an embroidery machine!!! I have been playing and practicing on it with odd projects here and there but recently had the chance to make a onesie for some friends who just had a baby boy. So this is one of my first real projects. I'm in the process of putting together a little A-line dress I monogrammed for Lydda Grace so I'll post pictures of that too later on.
I have also designing lots of "in case" onesies so I'm ready to make some when the baby arrives and we know if we're having a boy or girl!



Lydda Grace loves "cimmon" toast. I finally got her to say it on camera... this is one of those sweet little words I always want to remember how she says it.... I know all too soon she'll be saying cinnamon, I'll probably cry the first time she says it correctly!

busy weekend

We had a fun and very filled up weekend. Granna Wylie came on Thursday night and I was able to spend time Friday finishing up my freezer meal preparations for the baby and then run errands in Greenville that afternoon!

Saturday we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch so Granna Wylie could see Lydda Grace on the playground, then we stopped at a park on the way home and went to the Spring football game after naptime! That night Jon and I went to the Student Affairs Gala, compliments of him being the Student Affairs Employee of the Year :)

Sunday was church, the International Festival and night church, where they had a children's program and Lydda Grace had fun watching the other kids! After every song they did she would say, "Yay!" So precious!

Here are pictures from the weekend.....

Sliding at CFA---- "whee!!"

At the Rock in Death Valley

Christy and family came over for the game too. She is due 2 weeks after I am! We were friends all through college and roommates for 2 years, so great to see her!!!

Here are Jon and I all dressed up for the Gala.... and just to be honest I cropped this picture because my legs looked huge! ugh!


Easter weekend

This was a BUSY Easter weekend for us! We got to Chapin Thursday night made a trip to the zoo Friday morning, went to the park that afternoon, and had dinner on the boat that night. Saturday we had a huge multi-family yard sale at my dad's office and celebrated mom's birthday that night! Then Sunday was Easter! Whew! This was our last trip before the baby comes, we're due one month from today... WOW!

Here are a few highlights from the MANY pictures I took!
Here we are at the zoo. My camera battery died so this is from my dad's phone.
Not too sure about these birds flying all around!

Checking out the bears.

Lydda Grace loves helping PopPop drive the boat!

On our way out to celebrate Gran's (aka Bebe's) birthday!

After church on Easter!
Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!!