it was a fluke

So the sleeping through the night thing was a total fluke... no worries though! She's still doing great. We're working on napping during the day and she's doing a lot better with it. Here are a few recent pics:

We love this outfit from the Marsh family! The little horse is too funny, she likes to hold it and wave it around.

Here she is visiting Jon's RA class (they all wanted to meet her). He sat her up on the podium (holding onto her of course) and she promptly spit up on the desk and floor in front of the whole class. Thankfully she missed the girl sitting right in front. Really funny.

Nick bought this "Devil Dogs" onesie for "Baby Wylie" before he left for Iraq. We added some pink pants to make it girly. I think she pulls the look off quite well.



You slept through the night last night! 10pm-6am!!

guess who slept all night...

We ALL did! So I heard Lydda Grace kind of fussing and squirming this morning and looked at my watch... 5:56am... hmm... that was odd, it was still another hour until she needed to be fed, I had just fed her at 4:00am like usual.

Then I paused... had I fed her at 4:00am? I looked at the alarm clock and realized it hadn't been reset for 7:00am... which could only mean one thing, I hadn't woken up at 4 to reset it. Which could only mean that I slept through the 4am alarm, which meant I hadn't fed her since 10pm, which meant that she had slept through the night!

So I fed her at 6:00am and she is now sleeping again... time to run around like a mad woman and see how much I can get done while she sleeps!


swing time

Lydda Grace had so much fun in her swing tonight... She actually reached out and touched the little bee toy that hangs down from the top. This is pretty big news as it's the first time she's really interacted with a toy like that. We kept trying to get it on video, but she would always reach out and touch it right before or right after we were filming (of course!). The video still turned out cute.


You are laughing and smiling so much now! You are especially happy in the morning when you've had a good night's sleep. You are such a happy baby!

gameday in Clemson

Some days when you live on-campus you just want to escape the craziness of football games. Such was today. We walked across campus (against the flow of people heading to the stadium) to the Botanical Gardens where we had a picnic lunch. It was so peaceful and quiet... you'd never know there was a football game anywhere nearby!
We'll do this again!


visiting daddy at work

Today Lydda Grace and I went to Jon's office. He was cleaning out some files and I helped with some organizing of folders and such. Lydda Grace was wide awake and such a good "helper."



We praise the Lord for three wonderful years of marriage!


clemson vs. ncsu

Since Jon is significantly outnumbered I dressed Lydda Grace in NC State colors to support her daddy for the game today. Too bad for her she was cheering for the losing team. We also took her out to see the band march down the hill on their way to the stadium. She didn't seem to know what was going on but I think next year that is something that will be fun for her to see.


my little bug

For some reason I started calling Lydda Grace "little bug" or sometimes "little stinker bug." Not sure where this came from, but it has stuck... it's purely a term of endearment and when I say it I'm thinking much more of a little ladybug than of a yuck type of bug like a cockroach or something like that.
All that said, I loved this little sleeper that came with some hand-me-downs! It has ladybugs all over it! Thanks Karen and Lyndsay for letting Lydda Grace borrow your cute clothes!!



You have been in the habit for the past week or so of being fussy from around 6:30 to 10:00 every night! We wish we knew what you needed so badly! Even when you cry you're cute and so pitiful. You stick your bottom lip out and your cry really sounds like "WAAHHH!"

lydda grace's first tailgate

Lydda Grace attended her first Clemson tailgate this past weekend for the game vs. the Citadel. Jon had class in Greenville from 9-5 all day long, so that's why he's not in the pictures :o( Interestingly enough, Lydda Grace slept through pretty much the whole thing, including the drums of the Citadel's band which walked right by us.

With Gran and Grandpa before the tailgate.
This is what she did the whole time except the time I woke her to eat, after which she went right back to sleep.
With Aunt Bethy and Mark.
With Mama, still sound asleep!
The tailgate changing table... a rubbermaid box. It works quite well.



Well I started this journal and was planning to keep one for every child.... but that is not going to happen so I am backlogging all Lydda Grace's journal entries as blog posts and everything will just go on the blog from now on!!

You are 5 and 1/2 weeks old! I should have started this weeks ago b/c you do adorable things every day! I'm not promising to write in here daily, or even weekly- but I just want to always remember the precious things you do (and someday say!)

Daddy and I were so excited the day you were born! I will never forget Dr. Rhodes holding you in the air (in one hand) and us both saying, "It's a girl!!" We were thrilled!

We brought you home from the hospital on Saturday. I don't even remember what happened but I looked at Dadd and said, "I don't know what to do?!" and he said, "we don't have a choice, we have to know what to do!" We both just laughed. I fully admit that we are not always going to know what to do- just know we're doing our best.

The Friday after we brought you home Daddy had a presentation to give to the RAs about freshmen. When he got home he told me that he had told them about when he was a freshman and had not called his parents even once his first year. When he told me that he started to cry and he looked at you laying in my arms and said, "I hope Lydda Grace calls us every day!!" We both sat there and cried and kissed you and kissed each other and kissed you again. I can't even imagine you being a year old, much less going to college someday!

I tried to read a book to you the other day, Just in Case You Ever Wonder, by Max Lucado. I can't get through it without crying though. So after I cried my way through it I held you on my knees and apologized for being such a crazy mama! You smiled at me, I think you knew what I was saying.

Your daddy's favorite thing (or one of them) to do with you is to put your "Biffle" onesie on you and lay you on his chest to watch NASCAR. That's fine with me as long as you never drive one.


i really like picnik

playing dress up

This first picture is an outfit that my mom bought when I was just a few months pregnant..."just in case" it was a girl she couldn't pass it up. The pants are still kind of falling off on Lydda Grace, but I put it on her this morning :o)

Then, b/c the pants were coming off her I decided to try on this little jean jumper that I got at a consignment sale the other night ($2!!). It looks so tiny on the hanger but it is still big on her. So we took a few picture and then took it off. I couldn't decide which of these I liked best, so I posted them all!

In other news... Jon and I went on our first date since Lydda Grace was born last night! We went to see Rockapella in concert on-campus. They were really good and we had a great time. Lydda Grace did amazingly well for Aunt Bethy!! We were all very relieved, she has been super fussy the past several nights but she was so happy last night and we came home to a smiling and cooing girl. I guess Auny Bethy has the magic touch! Thanks for watching Lydda Grace so we could get out! We love you Bethany!


it was late... we were tired... fun times...

This was TOO funny. Lydda Grace was sound asleep... I mean OUT and we were just curious how asleep she really was.... does actually doing this make us bad parents? Or just the fact that we're actually posting this online :o)

pics from the weekend

Jon's folks are down for the Labor Day Weekend to visit Lydda Grace and us :o)
Here are some pictures....