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Jon was doing push ups on Wii fit this morning...


Christmas Morning

Lydda Grace did a good job opening presents this year. It took a while but piece by piece she managed to unwrap, she was pretty amazed by the whole process and helped everyone else with their presents as well. Then our little tree fell off the table it was on! Lydda Grace started to cry it was so pitiful, but once we got it set back up and the lights on she clapped and laughed... much better!

Here she is opening the dog that we got her.
She loved her "dogdog"!!

Christmas Eve

Dancing to Christmas music.
Coloring on a BIG piece of paper!
All ready for the Christmas Eve service. (This is Lydda Grace's flower girl dress from Mark and Bethany's wedding. Hopefully I'll have pictures to post from that weekend soon!)
With Daddy and Granna Wylie before church.
Teamwylie Christmas Eve 2009


16 months

Lydda Grace recently turned 16 months and it is just crazy to us how much she seems to pick up every day and the funny little things she does or that get her attention.

What she's saying: wawa (water), juu (juice), haa (hat- she is over her hat phobia now I think), byebye (bye-bye- if she says it while waving or someone leaving), byebye (Bible- if she says it while pointing to her Bible), Jeez (Jesus- it amazes us that she can identify Baby Jesus in her nativity and then find pictures of Jesus in her children's Bible or in other books we have), dog (of course, though as she learns new words the frequency of this one is decreasing), do (doll- we can't get her to say baby), glr (color), hoho (for Santa), muhmuh (moo moo- when she sees a cow), mama and dada, and, nono (always said in sets of two)

Lydda Grace loves to color right now and if she sees paper, pens, crayons, etc. will start to sign "please" and say "glr, glr." The only problem with this is that she is getting brave with the crayons and has learned that they write on the wall, doors, library books, the couch, etc. I think she's just truly fascinated with coloring!

Christmas is a lot of fun with her this year as she is in awe of decorations wherever we go. She says "oohh" and her eyes get wide and her mouth forms a little "o" every morning when we turn the tree lights on, we have a tiny tree, so it's nothing too spectacular, but I love that in her eyes it is always amazing.

Lydda Grace is practically running now and seems to have forgotten how to crawl! At the park yesterday she wouldn't crawl through a tunnel, she kept trying to walk through it even though it was far too small to do so!

Books are still a favorite activity and she loves for us to read to her or will sit and flip through and look at pictures or "read" to herself. She's getting really good at identifying things in books, (i.e. "Where is the pig in this book?")

Her little personality is really starting to show and the vast majority of the time she has such a sweet little spirit and is so content. We are starting to move into the realm of "no's" but usually she says nono when she is doing or is about to do something she knows is not allowed (i.e. she'll stand by the oven, say "nono" and then touch the oven door) Sometimes she is so serious and earnest with her no's that it is hard to keep from laughing!

At her most recent check up Lydda Grace was 24 lbs. 4.5 oz. and has dropped more into the 60th percentile area for weight, but she's 33 inches tall (I'm pretty sure that's right... I threw away the paper that had it written down!... maybe it was 31...) and is in the 95th percentile for height for her age.

This is such an exciting time and we are loving it!


Christmas parade and other stuff

The town had a Christmas parade downtown the other night so we took Lydda Grace. She seemed to get more excited about the little kids in the parade than the flashy floats or lights. Next year I think she'll really get into it!

I was vaccuuming the other day and realized Lydda Grace had wandered off. I found her here. She was in the basket and had taken an old journal of mine and was "reading" it. She stayed there FOREVER! I got a lot done while she stayed there, and when she was done she climbed out and came back to the den!

In finger news, Lydda Grace's nail came off today! I don't know if it was supposed to or not but it was sort of just hanging on so her pediatrician was gracious enough to let us come in last minute on a Friday and he took the rest of it off and clipped the remaining sutures. The new nail looks like it's coming in well.

That's about all for now.