How cute?

So here are some pictures from our pool experience yesterday!


Where do you sleep?

So on Saturday morning Emily and I went for our normal run in the morning. We went a little bit later than we normally do and about 5 minutes into the run this is what happened. Oh the joys of being a father! Where do you sleep?


touching the sky

Lydda Grace loves riding on shoulders... and pulling hair and drooling on your head... here she is with Casey at our Mexican Potluck/Wii game night.


getting stuck in the bookshelf
opening desk drawers and almost pulling the whole drawer out on herself
tearing up magazines
taking all the paper out of the printer

I don't have pictures of her....
tearing a page out of our wedding album
almost pulling a stack of heavy dishes on her head
eating my shoes

What will we do when she walks?!?! :o)
And I must admit... we're loving every minute of this!


big sisters for a day

Yesterday Lydda Grace got to experience what it would be like to have two big sisters for the day. Some friends from church, Grace and Sallie came over and played with and loved on Lydda Grace! It was so much fun!


first father's day

I think Jon had a nice first Father's Day.

We were all three pretty tired from a busy weekend and Lydda Grace has been getting up at 5:15 every morning no matter what so Jon and I were hoping for a Sunday afternoon nap. Lo and behold.... LG slept for almost three hours, we slept for two hours and we all woke up very happy!

Sadly, these are the only pictures I got yesterday of Lydda Grace and her Dada... this is in the Bi-Lo parking lot where we went to get some ice cream after our naps!

this weekend

Granna Wylie and Uncle Nick and soon-to-be Aunt Mandy came for a visit this weekend! Lydda Grace had lots of fun having so many people to play with!With Granna Wylie after church.
Aunt Mandy giving Lydda Grace some strawberry milkshake... she LOVED it!
Reading with Uncle Nick


Google Map

Emily and I have been reminscing over the places we have been in our life. So if you look to the right you will notice we have a map of the places TEAMWYLIE has traveled both together as well as before we met. Hope everyone enjoys! As we update we will let yall know.



We have a space between our sofa and a column in our living room. Lydda Grace got the bright idea to squeeze between it and got completely wedged! At first she just layed there... then she got really upset :( We have since moved the couch so there is plenty of room to crawl between!

random pictures and video

Lydda Grace is really getting into riding on Daddy's shoulders! She likes to pat his head and kick her legs while she's up there.
Lydda Grace and I had a fun time playing on the floor yesterday. I would close my eyes and she would try to pry them open. Then she tried to open my mouth, gave me lots over super slobbery "kisses" and had a fun time with my hair as you can see in this picture (ouch!).

Our baby girl loves to read! She will sit like this for a long time (I'm talking 10-15 solid minutes! That's a lot for a 10 month old!!)

What is your perspective?

Each day I try to remind not only myself but Emily and LG about seeing God in the small things. A couple of weeks ago, Emily, LG, and I went in on a yard sale with some friends (Emily did a post about this).

Well as we were going through stuff to sell, we came across an old world map that Emily had while at Clemson. We had been wanting to get it framed but never did. It sat in a closet the whole time we were at VT and since we had been back to Clemson. As we happened upon this map a couple of weeks ago, Emily and I had the idea to put this picture of the world on our wall. Here it is:

As this picture has been on the wall for a while now, it has hit me. I always think about me. What is going to happen to me today? It never crossed my mind to think about others. This little (or big) map has challenged my out of sight out of mind perspective. There is more than just me and my family in the world. As I looked up the statistics for this post I found there to be about 6,787,364,168 (6 billion). So my question for us today is "What is your perspective?" Are you thinking just about yourself or are you other focused?

Lydda Grace's birthday buddy

Our sweet friends the Morrisons are expecting their baby girl right around Lydda Grace's birthday! We are hoping she's born on the 31st, that would just be too fun!

We had a great time celebrating with them at the shower last Saturday evening.

roommate reunion

Last Friday Lydda Grace and I went to Greenville to meet up with my college roommates for the day. We have been doing this every year and it is so wonderful to all get together and catch up.

Here we are in 2007...
Here we are in 2008...
And 2009... we had to leave early so we got to see Mollie and Baby Grayson briefly but no picture :o(

Look at all those babies! And Mer has another on the way! We have all truly been so blessed!!!

Ava and Lydda Grace

Reading to Lydda Grace and Reagan
Thanks for hosting us again this year Christy!!


pool time

Yesterday afternoon we went with Carson and Molly Snipes to the pool at their apartment. Last time we put Lydda Grace in the water she wasn't too happy but she did better this time (with a few bouts of whining). We forgot our camera, but Carson went and got his and got some great shots!!


blacksburg buddies

Some of our Blacksburg friends, Jason and Lynn just moved to Clemson last week! We are so glad to have them here! Here Lydda Grace and Lynn show off their shades.
Then, other Blacksburg friends, Janae and Abbie (who have since moved to NC) came for a visit today! Janae, Lynn and I had such a nice visit and the girls got along great! Lydda Grace and Abbie are about 3 weeks apart so they are both at the point where they are clapping, crawling everywhere and being curious about everything around them! So cute!!


happy birthday Aunt Bekah

Today Lydda Grace and I went to Greenville for Bek's birthday. I stayed up last night to finish Lydda Grace's birthday outfit (it's technically for her birthday, but I wanted her to go ahead and start getting wear out of it!). We had a nice time visiting and then went to Bek's sweet friend Hannah's house where she made a birthday lunch!
In other news...... tonight we put Lydda Grace in the pack n play in the kitchen to play while we were cleaning up. We turned around and she was standing up! I said, "Jon did you stand her up?" and he said, "No, did you?" and we both realized she stood up on her own!! She was very smiley and happy about her accomplishment!



Today we had lunch with a friend from grad school, Meg Newton. It was wonderful to catch up with her and let her meet Lydda Grace!!
Lydda Grace refused to nap this afternoon and was getting fussy... enter tupperware lids... we have found a great new toy!
(she is drooling through bibs and clothes so fast these days I finally just threw a t-shirt on with her diaper!!)

visiting Great Grandma

On Tuesday Lydda Grace and I visited my Grandma! We had such a great time and Lydda Grace was so sweet, in spite of her teething and excessive drooling (hence the change of outfits) :o) We love you Grandma!


yard sale!

Saturday we had a yard sale with our friends the Smiths. It was rather last minute and worked out amazingly well... I think if I had known about it for weeks I would have taken weeks to sort through stuff, as it were, we did it in one night, sold the next morning and carted leftovers off to a thrift store... so quick and easy!

Lydda Grace got to spend the morning with her friend Zoey (they are 2 weeks apart). We put the girls in the pack n play in the front yard and they just played and jabbered under the rainbow umbrella for the longest time (until LG got super tired and whiny and crying... I think this was all the beginning of the previous post... teething). Anway... enought typing... time for pictures!
It's 6:30AM and Lydda Grace is ready to go!

Zoey and Lydda Grace

Playin' in the shade... seriously is this not the life or what!

poor baby

Lydda Grace is teething... sigh. Her bottom two came in without so much as a whimper. These top teeth are a different breed altogether. Our baby girl got one two hour stretch of sleep last night... the rest of the night she was (and we were) up every 10-30 minutes crying so pitifully. It makes me so sad for her!
We're praying these teeth break through very soon!