we're here!

After an exhausting day of moving on Wednesday we got into our apartment in Clemson late Wednesday night. We had tons of help at VT and loaded the truck in about an hour. We dropped Finn off in Y-ville (he'll be joining us soon!) and then arrived in Clemson around 7:00pm Wednesday night. Thanks to Clemson friends we unloaded in about an hour too! It was snowing the whole time we were moving in and so cold! We were trying to beat the weather before it got too bad on the roads. It turned out we probably could have waited until Thursday morning anyway, but... at least we are in now! We are so blessed by this new home. It's huge! Especially compared to our VT apartment! Pictures of the move are below....
Finn is ready to go!
Mom is a packing machine!!!
Our unloading crew in Clemson (In the snow!)


Eating area and desk (den is to the right)

Kitchen! Some of the cabinets are still empty!!!

Our room


so it's been a while...

Sorry for waiting so long to post but A LOT has been going on!

We are moving back to Clemson this coming Wednesday, January 16th!!
Jon has accepted a position as an Area Coordinator. We're really excited about this move but will certainly miss the wonderful friends we've made here in B'burg.

Additionally... we're having a baby!

When it rains it pours... that phrase can be used in positive sense, right?!? :o)