pictures- now and then

Here are some pictures of Finn today, his one year anniversary of coming to live with us!

And here is soon after we got him...

1 year

Just one year ago today we got our precious kitty Fincastle Wylie! He has been so much fun and I'm almost ready to admit he's spoiled rotten... but not quite! I'll deny it if you ask!! Here are a few highlights from Finn's first year:
- teaching him to use the people toilet
- him getting sick from trying to learn to use the toilet
- failing the toilet and going happily back to the litter box
- getting eletrocuted by chewing on the Christmas tree lights
- finally (after a looong time) proving Emily right that I do like my kitty bed
- having some fish friends move into the apartment
- learning about the dryer
- practicing walking on a leash
- getting scared by the ducks
- getting lots of squirts from the water bottle for climbing on the counter
- sleeping in the kitchen sink
- amazement that anyone would ever willingly climb into a tub of water
- playing with special friends Killer and Belle
- lots of trips in the car (most successful)
- escaping to a students room where Finn was petted, given some milk and cuddled by a roomful of students
- playing with lots of fun toys
- and of course the traditional activities of eating, sleeping and playing!

I'll try to post some pics later on...



Here are our thoughts about our favorite show on TV....
1. So glad it's back on.
2. What in the world happened last night?!?!?


things we love (in no particular order)

Sometimes it's just nice to think about happy blessings in life. Some are random others are serious, you may have to take a guess at some whether it's about Jon, Em, or both of us.

each other. family. finn. our jobs. reading. budgeting. 24. pink sparkly markers. washing dishes. virginia tech. nc state. clemson. gcpc. crochet. ultimate. settlers. smiling. jesus. home group. cooking. working out. huckleberry trail. friends. hugs. enchilada casserole. traveling. nascar. snow. sun. chacos. stratego. movies. homemade chocolate brownie frappucinos. kisses. scrapbooking. totinos pizza. fish. vacuuming. a cappella. a weekend without fire alarms. house flipping. xbox. snail mail. pictures. christmas. big candles. blogs. piper. march. july. annual leave. cream soda. shopping. chris rice. 4 door vehicles. mountains. fall. sweet tea. honesty. towels from the dryer. coffee. building things. strawberries. egg and cheese sandwiches. recycling. and there's plenty more...


promised pictures

It is so hard to find the time to post sometimes! HEre are some pics from the holidays. We are both getting back into the swing of things with work and and the students will be returning on Jan. 12th. We're looking forward to it, which is nice to be able to say!!

Finn under our tree!

Jon and Bek xboxing in Columbia.

Jon and Em in Yadkinville on Christmas Day.