finn in pants

Visualize this.... it's about 5:30 on a Wednesday evening... all is calm and quiet in the Wylie household. A pair of Jon's pants are laying on the guest room bed waiting to be washed. The waist part is on the bed, the legs are hanging over the edge. Being his usual curious self Finn takes an interest in the pants and begins to crawl inside the waist. Emily sees this and thinks it's hilarious and goes to get Jon. She gets back to the room just in time to see Finn, crawling down one of the pant legs and over the edge of the bed. Soon there is a wriggling pair of pants on the floor with a fat kitty inside trying to squeeze his way down the leg. Of course this moment has to be documented. By the time Emily gets the camera Finn's head is out but his fat little body just can't follow. After a fit of laughing Emily finally gains enough composure to help Finn out of the pants. After which he takes off and hids under the bed for about an hour, clearly traumatized by the situation!!


baby blankets galore!

Well I certainly do not have a shortage of crochet projects to work on right now! What with birthdays and 3 pregnant friends (2 roomies from Clemson!!!), I will be a busy bee at least for the next few months! It's fun to have projects going on though, and even funner to pick out yarn and come up with a pattern! I think I'm addicted...

It's Spring Break at VT right now which is sooooo nice! We hate that we didn't get to go down to MS again this year, but the time in the office without students is perfect for catching back up on a lot of work and having quiet time in the evenings. Tomorrow night we've got our home group from church coming over for a game night and then on Friday night we're hosting a Settlers of Catan game night. We're hoping to have about 2-3 games going at the same time, not sure who all is coming yet though and if that will happen. Shout out to Dad Wylie's amazing pineapple cheeseball which we will be making for the Settlers extravaganza!