exciting things in october

We have had an exciting month! Some great things happened...

I'll start with the least wow thing...We went to the NASCAR race in Martinsville. Not sure it's something I'll do again, but it was a fun experience for us together and of course Jon loved it! I have to admit that having the headsets to be able to listen to what the drivers were saying was pretty neat!

Even better than that... WAY better than that... Rebekah and Javier are engaged! YAY!!! We are so excited for them!!

Josh and Kami and big brother Silas welcomed Baby Joseph to their family! And Meredith and John welcomed Baby Reagan! (see their blogs for too cute pictures!)

We are planning a trip to Philadelphia over Thanksgiving Break so hopefully some nice pictures will come from that!


oct 07 update

Well... it really seems to almost be fall. The leaves are starting to change, we just had Fall Break, and it's getting colder... so much colder that we're wondering if we'll have a fall at all. It's going from highs in the 80s to lows in the 30s in a matter of 2 days! It really has been beautiful lately though.

We just got back from a long weekend in Chapin (funny to say that--- at my parent's new house) and Clemson. It was a great weekend! We were finally able to see the house and got to help with a bit of final unpacking, all very much fun!

We are surviving after Clemson's horrific loss to VT. Thankfully most folks have been kind and not made a big deal about the loss... I think this is mostly due to the fact that neither of us truly care too much, so it's hard to get us real worked up about it.

We have been doing a lot better lately with eating healthy! We met with a nutrition student a couple weeks ago who gave us some great tips. Here's my latest thing: 32oz. tub of Stonyfield Farms French Vanilla Organic Yogurt. Spoon a serving into a small tupperware container. Right before leaving for work throw in some frozen mixed berries (they sell a mixed bag at Walmart with blue, black, rasp and straw- berries). Then stick it in the fridge at work.... but lunch time the fruit is thawed but still just a bit frozen in the middle and all the melted juice is throughout the yogurt. Amazing! I don't think I'll ever buy the individual yogurt tubs again!

And of course... pictures of Finn :o) The box is a little small for him, but he manages to squeeze in... silly cat!