baby wylie is coming soon!

We're being induced on Thursday! Hooyah! Stay tuned for arrival news! We covet your prayers. Love, Jon and Emily



That was the word today at the dr. There is nothing happening, Baby Wylie is just hanging out and taking his/her own sweet time to come out and meet us! We'll be 40 weeks this Sunday and will go back to the dr. on Tuesday. They won't let us go past 41 weeks, so we'll start talking next week about induction. The good news was that the baby is still doing well and is still head down so we are thankful for that!!!


Nursery Pictures

The nursery is finished! There are still a few pictures to go up and I need to clean some on the bookshelf but here are some pics...


the baby TURNED!

Praise the Lord! We found out today at the doctor that the baby has turned and is now head down so no more c-section on Monday!! Jon and I were both super shocked when the ultrasound lady told us. I think we had our minds all geared up to meet our little one on Monday, but we are really excited about this change of plans! Now we're just playing the waiting game. I was really wrapping things up this week for the baby to come next week, I need to come up with a project or two to keep me busy while we wait.



With the baby coming soon we wanted some pictures of the two of us! Rebekah took lots of shots for us this past weekend when we were in Chapin. Here are a few of them.


update on b-dub

No flips yet. We had a doctor's appointment today and had an ultrasound. Jon is really good at telling what we're looking at. The ultrasound tech said, "there's the face" and Jon said, "yeah, I see that and there's it's hand" and I said, "I can't tell at all what that is!!!" It took a while but I finally figured it out :o)

The baby weighs 6 lb. 12 oz. right now which is apparently right on track for this point. We're in the process of scheduling a c-section and of course if the baby flips then we'll nix that and just hold out until he/she comes.