girls weekend in g-ville

This past weekend I had the chance to connect with my college roomies!!! Christy, Ashley, Mollie and Meredith. It was GREAT!! I hadn't seen them in a looonnngg time but we picked up right where we left off. I also got to eat lunch at Erin L.'s house on Friday before she left for the weekend. Ash, Mollie and I stayed at Christy and Matt's Friday night and then wen to the baby shower for Meredith on Saturday. It was so refreshing to be with my girls again and catch up with what's going on in their lives!! Highlights of the weekend: seeing everyone, talking, pics of baby girl Knarr, meeting Bailey, Chase and Dakota (dogs), pics of Mollie and Chad's house renovations, rooming with Ash (just like soph year), talking more, seeing Mer and John and having time to talk before and after the shower, deciding that we have all got to do this again!!!

Me, Christy, Meredith, Ashley, Mollie

Meredith and John


4 updates

Here are some updates from our world:

1. The building is CLOSED!! All residents are moved out. Jon worked tirelessly last weekend to make this happen, but the end result is always worth it!

2. Summer school starts this weekend! This will be another busy weekend for Jon with summer school move-in, summer RA training and cooking for some of the summer RAs. To further complicate things Emily is out of town...

3. I (Emily) leave tomorrow for Greenville to spend some time with college girlfriends and to have a baby shower for Meredith! I can't wait to see Erin, Ashley, Christy, Mollie, Meredith and maybe others!!!!!

4. Rebekah graduated!! Jon had to work, but I was able to go down for the weekend, which was also mother's day. It was a really nice graduation and lunch and a fun weekend! See pictures below.

Bek and Javier
Mom and Dad with the grad (hey! that rhymes!)

YAY Bekah!!!