a visit from Mrs. Molly and Miles

Last week we had a visit from Mrs. Molly and baby Miles (3 weeks old!). They came during naptime which meant I got to feed Miles and cuddle him lots! Then as the kids got up they got to see him too! He is so precious and we are so thrilled for Molly and Carson!


family photo shoot(s)

We took the opportunity to get a family photo shoot while we were at the beach. Here are a few from that.

I LOVE this picture of LG, she wanted Dog Dog to be a part of it.
Another day Lydda Grace wanted to crash Aunt BekBek and Uncle HaHa's photo shoot.... so we got in on that too.
Here we all are as we're getting ready to leave!
Great week!!!

on the beach

We're almost done with beach blog posts! :) And can I just say that it would probably be taking me a full month to get these up except I just discovered a program that will resize a whole folder of pictures with one click so I can upload about 500 times faster now!

Uncle Mark can build sandcastles exceptionally, just like snowmen

Lydda Grace finally (reluctantly) sat on her sand throne in her castle
This was Dada's favorite part, sitting by the edge of the water with Wade

There was plenty of wind for kite flying, however.... LG was way more interested in the sand and shells and ocean... a few too many distractions! Jon and I had fun with it though!

Lydda Grace-isms

Now that it's so warm out we occasionally let LG run around the house in just her panties either right after she gets out of her bath or before we put on her pj's. A couple times I kissed her belly and said something about my sweet, chubby girl...

her clothes = "chubby"

"I want to be chubby!" "Mama can I please be chubby!"


inside fun

The beach wasn't all about the sand and sea, the weather was a little cooler earlier in the week so we had plenty of time inside to hang out and play games!
This puzzle was at the house we stayed at and was just right for LG.

Javier and Jon both landed in a chair in front of the TV to watch the race on Sunday.... together :)

iPad games with Uncle HaHa!

Playing Puerto Rico, one of many we played during the week. Some of our other favorites were on Bek Bek and HaHa's game night with Passing Pictionary (I just made that name up.... that's what it is basically) and Four on a Couch.

Relaxing with Uncle Mark!

And of course we can't forget the guys' triumphant win over the Wii tanks game

BeBe and Pop Pop time at the beach

Lots of time to read and cuddle and laugh at the beach!

Snuggle with BeBe on the porch.

Matching Pop Pop

BeBe and Pop Pop took Lydda Grace to pick strawberries while we were at the beach. This chair was at the farm.

As were these sunflowers.


beach babies

I had some green and white seersucker in my stash that I finally convinced Jon to let me use to make a little two-piece swimsuit for Lydda Grace (the conditions being that she can never wear a two-piece ever again in her entire life after this one....). There was exactly enough left to make a little pair of shorts/swimtrunks for the Wadester. I had visions of beautiful beach photos with the kids giving each other hugs or staring in wonderment at the ocean...

In the end I would have settled for them just sitting still and staring at the camera.... smiles optional.... all I found I really needed was STILLNESS! Not happening!


BeBe made these outfits for Lydda Grace and Wade. LG's is the "Little Children of the World" and Wade's is Noah's Ark. These are probably the best pictures we've gotten of the two of them in a really long time!! This was Sunday before church... I'm way out of order on posting but am trying to get up what I can until Jon can upload some videos for me at work.

1 year check-up

Wade is 23 lbs 0.5 oz. and is 31.5 inches long!! He is almost exactly the same weight as LG at this age and about 1 inch longer.


first full day

Sunday was our first full day at the beach and the first time we took the kids down to the ocean. After this day I have no idea from my pictures what day was when....
Sunday morning we had a family worship time. Lydda Grace got to play Aunt Bethy's violin some!

(another time I can't get the picture to turn the right way!! grr blogger!) Gracie loved having a baby around who likes to throw his food on the floor!

The kids both LOVED the beach! They both really enjoyed the sand but Wade like the water a lot too, LG wasn't too keen on the water and was content to dig, roll, bury, drip, rake, and build with the sand.

Sunday night Mark and Bethany cooked dinner and hosted our evening event. They took the cake with Minute to Win It!! Videos will follow in a later post! (Don't worry BeBe I won't post the one of you scooting around the house on your bottom on a bathmat!)

birthday at the beach

We celebrated Wade's birthday with the Moore side of the family Saturday night when we got to the beach!
His cake was a pound cake (for strawberry shortcake) shaped like a train.

Duplos from the aunts and uncles!! Thanks y'all! We are loving them!!

BeBe made Wade a smocked Noah's ark outfit and this amazing quilt!!! It is designed to be like a little town, the black is roads (and he got two little cars that fit on the roads) and each square is somewhere different: Wade's house, church, playground, fire station, farm.... etc. So he can drive his little cars all over the quilt! I cried of course... and we've been playing with it ever since!


Lydda Grace gave Wade a popsicle mold for his birthday. He prefers to hold the popsicle and chew on the handle and then gets really upset when his hands get too cold!



We have been really excited to start getting some veggies from our garden. Unfortunately, some of the first fruits are not the tastiest from a 2 year old's perspective. So far Lydda Grace has had lettuce and one bite of a radish... which she promptly spit out! Thankfully the strawberries are on their way in soon!

Wade's birthday(s)

Wade had several birthday celebrations that were lots of fun!
The Saturday before his birthday we celebrated with Granna Wylie and Mr. Richard with lunch and cupcakes at the park.
Then on his actual birthday we had fun opening a couple presents (some balls and a popsicle mold), playing with the Caldwells and then going to Chick-fil-a.

Our final round of celebrating took place at the beach... and those pictures will follow in another post.