the post LG will hate when she's older

Yesterday it rained so we just hung out inside all day playing and reading and what-not.

Wade snuffled a lot (poor guy!) and napped (which he has done very little of today to make up for it).

Lydda Grace put ham on her head like a hat and peepeed "for the biscuits" (lately she has taken to going potty for other people, animals or random objects). We were getting ready to go make biscuits for supper so of course she had to peepee for them!

And don't worry Clemson fans, on Saturday if we let her know about the football game she will "peepee for the Tigers." We are sure this has contributed to their success at home thusfar.

house drama

So we closed on our house last Thursday.... it was a great day, we were super excited. Went and bought the paint that night and took all our cleaning stuff over. I headed over Friday morning and started cleaning, taking off outlet face plates, taping to prep for painting, etc.

Early afternoon our realtor called. After all the ups and downs of this process there was another down... a BIG down.... the house wasn't ours. Apparently, being a short sale, something or other wasn't approved from the seller's lender so the closing wasn't official. We signed everything, paid our money and got the key... but the house wasn't ours.

I cried, we called people, we prayed, we called more people, I met with our closing attorney. Lydda Grace asked me to draw a picture of our new house on the magna-doodle and I cried more. It was not a great day.

We waited all weekend.

Monday evening we found out that our HUD was approved! All the paperwork still had to be redone but we were good to go. This morning we found out that we are REclosing tomorrow!! Praise the Lord!!

It has been a crazy ride, and we think it's almost over.... maybe... hopefully! I am starting to wonder how long it's going to take for me to really believe that this home is for real!


Wade's 4 month stats

17lbs. 7 oz.
26 inches long
Doctor said he has the strength and muscle tone of a 6 month old.
We are so thankful for a healthy baby boy!!!!

I love this picture because Lydda Grace wore these pj's too and they look SO much alike! I need to find a picture of her wearing them....

this is a really long blog post

I'm imagining once we close on the house on Thursday that things are going to be a little exciting for a while and I'm not counting on getting lots of blog posts done. So I better get caught up while I can!

Last Sunday LG woke up from her nap with a fever. She kept saying her "teeth hurt" which we decided meant her throat and that was the closest body part she could identify. She got checked out when we took Wade for his 4 month checkup on Monday and with a little medicine and rest and some popsicles she is good as new. This was the first time she has been sick that she has been able to verbally tell us that she feels bad and it was so sad!
Tuesday night we left for Chapin so Jon could try to get in the Chick-fil-a top 100 for the store opening nearby. He didn't make it..... but he got lots of studying done on Wednesday and managed to squeeze in some lake time too. Thursday, Jon and I took Wade and headed to Charlotte to celebrate our 5th anniversary! We went to IKEA (had never been, I felt like I was going to an amusement park), had Cheesecake Factory for lunch and stopped at Mary Jo's on the way home. It was a fun day and Wade was a trooper.Friday was our actual anniversary and we celebrated by packing A LOT for our new house, went to Home Depot, and ate lunch at the dining hall on-campus! haha! (they have an ice cream sundae bar on Fridays... need I say more!)Lydda Grace came home from BeBe and PopPop's on Sunday. We missed her terribly but definitely got SO much more done than we would have if she had been here. She had a great time with them; the zoo, riding on the boat, and hearing BeBe play the bells at church were highlights.
So now we are sort of just waiting and packing and buying paint and trying to keep Lydda Grace occupied since I packed up too many of her toys too early! We close on the house on Thursday. Are having a painting party on Saturday and are officially moving out the following Thursday. We can't wait! Please pray for a smooth closing and for the overall busyness we're dealing with right now. Jon is working both his old job and new job, taking a tough class, preparing for comps and trying to keep reading for his dissertation, even apart from the house stuff. We are so thankful for the wonderful support of family and friends!!!

We love you all!



Some kids like to lick the beaters when making cookie dough.....
Lydda Grace likes to lick the guacamole spoon.


potty training in real life

After a day or so the novelty wore off and this is what happened... almost every time we put her on the potty....

But NOW...... drumroll please.....

We have a potty trained little girl!!! She's still in diapers at naps and bedtime but does GREAT during the day (and I have seen a significant decrease in cloth diaper laundry, woohoo!!!!)

The adage, "It'll get worse before it gets better" is very true when it comes to potty training.

the abc song... Lydda Grace style


i've got to get this on video :)


where, where, where baby tiger

This was an exciting weekend. We went to the First Friday parade Friday night. Lydda Grace and I prepped by looking at the "parade" page in her Fisher Price word book and watching marching bands on YouTube, she was excited and had a great time though a little overwhelmed.
Wade enjoyed relaxing in the shade while we had a picnic dinner.

Then Saturday we tailgated and after her nap Lydda Grace and I joined PopPop for halftime and the second half of the game. This was LG's first football game. She told everyone, "I go football game.... I watching football game...." She was also very concerned about the tiger mascots. She kept asking, "Where, where, where baby tiger?" talking about the tiger cub and "Where, where, where dada tiger?" talking about the regular mascot. We had a lot of fun!

house update

Sorry for the delay, but we have great news!

We got all our paperwork in and have submitted to our bank. The deadline is tight because the short sale bank took so long to get back to us, however, right now closing is set for Sept. 23. We had our home inspection Friday and everything checked out really well so we are continuing to move forward. Here is a picture of Lydda Grace in the kitchen at the new house when she went with us to the inspection on Friday. She loved it and kept saying "oooooo" and talked about drawing with chalk on the back patio.