Wade is coming up with new words all the time and it is so fun to figure out what he's saying. I feel like he talks in code to us, most people probably wouldn't understand most of what he says.

- "docks" and "dhoes"= socks and shoes, many of his words end up starting with a "d." He LOVES sock and shoes and gets really excited when I tell him it's time to put socks and/or shoes on. He will very obediently sit down and wait for me to put them on him. He also likes to pull all of LG's socks out of her drawer.
- "yunyine"= sunshine, LG commented on the sunshine on a walk the other day and he now talks about the yunyine a lot when we are out and it's sunny.
- "ooo-ah"= hooyah! You can guess who taught him that one!
- "ts"= Lydda Grace. Jon discovered this last night. If we point to LG and say, "who is this?" then Wade says, "ts"... no idea how he got this... maybe from sister??
- "ni-mooo"= Goodnight Moon- now that he likes to read he has found a favorite and this is it! 



Jon's conversation partner, Jiannan, sent him home with some mooncakes for the kids to try! Mooncakes are THE food for the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival which was celebrated on Sept. 12th. Most mooncakes are round, but Jiannan got some really cute ones for the kids that were shaped like bunnies (it's the year of the rabbit). Lydda Grace loved the idea of mooncakes but didn't eat very much of hers, Wade however was a different story. He apparently LOVES mooncakes and only paused between bites long enough to smile at us and say "mmmmmm!!!!"  Thanks Jiannan for a fun and yummy treat! 

this picture turned out blurry but you can
see the shape of the bunny in it


praise for something small

Wade ate dinner... two nights in a row... all of it... what I cooked!

Our little fruitarian ate a chicken, rice, broccoli casserole last night, and tonight he ate drank his butternut squash soup... both nights he asked for more. 

Jon keeps reminding me that my emotions must not be dictated by things such as the eating habits of certain small children. I am determined to remain joyful tomorrow night when he goes back to only eating grapes for dinner. 


on our way to church

We were ready early for church this morning so Jon took a few pictures. We have been trying to get the kids to carry their Bibles to church every Sunday, just a small way to teach them the importance of the Word! Lydda Grace loves to open her Bible and say, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, that's Genesis 1:1, I just read it!!" We don't tell her that her little Bible is only the New Testament :)


ultimate tailgate blog post

We don't really go to football games.... we just tailgate :) then when everyone else heads to the game, we go home for naps. These are from the first two games. 

our number one little football player!
wade loves some juicebox 
playing with caps at the picnic table

they both played with some other folks' beanbag toss game for a long time

with juicebox

we took it away from him.....

"please can I have it back!!"

PopPop and Mr. Ferguson

Mrs. Ferguson, they're our tailgating pals

BeBe climbed the tree!!!

around the house (past two months)

He's FINALLY liking books! Will sit and listen and look at them on
his own!

refuses to let us help him eat= food everywhere!
loves to paint
results of paint......
more food everywhere.... refried beans i believe

our little climber..... also loves all LG's toys.... hence the necklaces
two different cuddle times with dada
we made a dollhouse out of a diaper box... since the doll was asleep
LG thought she need to sleep with her in mama and dada's bed

Botanical Garden--- way back in August

These are from a morning we spent at the Botanical Garden. We watched butterflies, climbed on the train, ran around, learned that turtles apparently like cheerios and had a lot of fun! 

This picture makes me laugh! It was all I could do to
get a picture of them both, they are both looking behind me at
a huge goose that was honking very loudly and making its way towards
us while I was trying to take the picture!
I think he wanted their rice cakes :)

way back in August in Chapin

I am VERY behind on blog posts.... this is at least a month old! Back in August we had a weekend in Chapin with the whole family together, it was wonderful as this doesn't happen often now that Bekah, Bethy and I, and our families, are spread across three states! 

i love this picture!!! 

Wade spent a long time climbing into the chair and getting down, climbing and getting down...... again and again!

Lydda Grace in Y-ville

Lydda Grace went to Yadkinville over Labor Day weekend to visit with Granna Wylie and Mr. Richard, Uncle Nick and Aunt Mandy. She had a great time! They visited the Asheboro Zoo, went to see Grandmother Downey and traveled to Julian to see Memama and Aunt Pat (where they made homemade ice cream!).
Taking a break at the zoo. 
Walking with Granna Wylie at the zoo.

Looking at animals with Uncle Nick and Aunt Mandy.
Getting a walking break from Mr. Richard
She apparently loved these statues!
Lunch with Great-Grandmother Downey at K&W
Helping Aunt Pat make homemade ice cream!
Love from Memama (and eating ice cream!)
Thanks to you all for a fun visit!!
My favorite was when Lydda Grace left and I said, "I'm going to miss you while you're gone sweet girl!!" and she said, "Don't worry Mama, I'll come back!" :)