baby shower

We were so blessed to have a baby shower last night given by the Sinclairs and the Gaddis'! It was so much fun and we are so thankful for the wonderful gifts Baby Wylie received from our Sunday School and growth group friends. Thank you everyone!

Opening our diaper bag

Jon is intent!We got lots of books which we love and are so excited to start reading to B-dub!


finn has been feeling neglected

So we thought we would post a few new pictures of him :o)

This is us resting on the couch. He is so sweet to come up and lay down with me. Sometimes he even kind of lays across my belly.

These are his yoda ears :o) he doesn't like it but it's cute!


yay for test results

Good results from the lab work on Tuesday, no gestational diabetes! Thanks to those of you who prayed.