We were playing Killer Bunnies (the reason for the odd conversation in the background) and Lydda Grace sat so sweetly at the table drawing on her magnadoodle. She is so intent now when she draws and colors and is really into circles these days.

goodbye Aunt BekBek and Uncle HaHa

Today we said goodbye to BekBek and HaHa (Rebekah and Javier) as they are officially moving up to Blacksburg this weekend for Javier to start a PhD and for Bekah to work for GE.

We are SO excited for them (especially since we've lived there and loved Blacksburg and VT!!), we know they are going to have a great experience and we know it's not super far away..... but it's a lot further than we have gotten used to, especially getting to see Bekah at the very least once a week.... we've been so blessed!

Today Bekah and Javier came for lunch and just to hang out for a while. We're already planning to visit them this fall and are hoping they'll get down here for a game even before then!

We went outside to play with the "spesh bubbs"

We love you guys!


i sure do love this little guy

special bubbles

This morning I told Lydda Grace that after our morning walk I had a surprise for her, we were going to make special bubbles! She was very excited and kept saying, "spesh bubbs!"

The bubbles were indeed special and very easy for Mama (I had everything laying around the house and put it together in under 5 minutes... can't beat that!). I do think that Lydda Grace was a little too young, because although she can blow regular bubbles, she couldn't get the idea of putting her mouth around the top of the bottle and blowing. She was however, perfectly happy for me to make the bubbles for her.

Here's the link where they tell you how to do this. Their pictures are much better because you can actually see the kids blowing the bubbles.


2 month check up

Today was Wade's 2 month check-up with the pediatrician. We knew he was a growing boy but were still amazed that he weighed 14lbs. 2oz. and was just over 24 inches long!! Wow! He is super healthy and doing great.

Wade's little personality is really starting to develop. We called Lydda Grace "Smiley Wylie," but I think this little guy may have her beat. He just grins at all of us (especially when he has a full belly and is really happy). He is very much a people person and loves to be talked to and when we stop he'll give a little cry until someone gives him some attention.

It has also been so special to see Wade and Lydda Grace's relationship beginning to form. She loves him and would smother him if we gave her full reign. When he's playing on the floor she will climb down right beside him and lay down and talk to him and give him "big hug," and "big kiss". He also really loves her too and will follow her with his eyes and is completely content when she's playing with him. We are definitely praying that their love for each other will develop into a sweet friendship over the years!

Wade's baptism

On Sunday, July 11th Wade was baptized. We were so blessed to have Granna Wylie, Memama Wylie, BeBe and PopPop with us for the baptism and lunch afterwards.

fish and cows

For Jon's birthday his mom took us to the GA aquarium! It was a very fun (and tiring) day!! Jon's Memama Wylie came too, we were so glad to get to spend some time with her and for her to meet Wade (as he is named after her late husband, Jon's Papa Wylie).
The fish were really amazing!
Yay! He finally went to sleep!
Lydda Grace was truly fascinated.
Looking at Nemo... she's never seen the movie so we still can't figure out how she knew to call the clownfish Nemo!
They had a big slide that was the inside of a whale and you came out the mouth. Lydda Grace had no hesitation and loved it!
At the 3D movie.

It also happened to be Chick-fil-a's Cow Appreciation Day. Here are Jon and Lydda Grace dressed (at 6:30am) to go get breakfast!!
And here we all are at dinner on our way back.

more pics from the 4th

My parents got some pictures to us this weekend from their camera from the 4th.

Lydda Grace had a blast playing with chalk!

I think she looks so old with her hair back in a ponytail and a big bow!


veggie tales

Lydda Grace sneezed a pea out of her nose before dinner.

Then, as she came back to the bathroom for her bath she said, "uhoh!" and kept putting her finger in her nose. I looked and sure enough... there was another pea.

I handled this much better than last week when I thought she had put a blueberry up her nose (at that time I freaked out and ran and got tweezers... don't worry I quickly realized that sticking tweezers up my child's nose was not a good plan and did not attempt... thankfully there was no blueberry). Tonight I just squeezed her nose above the pea and it loosened up and fell out.


impromptu zoo trip

We were planning to leave Monday morning...

Then at breakfast PopPop sang... "we went to the animal fair...." he didn't mean anything by it but Lydda Grace said, "ZOO!!!" Then Dada said, "Do you want to go to the zoo??! Let's go!" After some deliberation (and the wide-eyed anticipation of an almost two-year old), I caved (see Jon I CAN be spontaneous!). So instead of coming home, we went to the zoo. It ended up being really fun, and it wasn't too hot. We stopped at Chick for lunch on the way home. In Lydda Grace's eyes I don't see how the day could have been much better :)

Waiting to go in, we headed straight in the direction of the monkeys, they didn't disappoint and put on a great show!Mere seconds after this picture was taken this bird went potty, majorly startling Uncle Mark. The next time he tried the bird tried to bite him, putting LG over the edge... not her favorite part. Feeding the giraffes with Mama and Dada, she just wanted to "watch"
With Aunt Bethy and Uncle Mark
This was Wade's first zoo trip, he looks thrilled doesn't he.
Bebe and PopPop with their grandbabies.
Baby girl crashed on the way home!

trip to the lake

We visited with my family in Chapin for the 4th. This was our first overnight trip with Wade and it went great! We actually think we may have discovered the secret to his sleeping issues... he's a tummy sleeper! I know that's a big no-no these days... but that's the only way he actually sleeps on his own so we're rolling with it.

Lydda Grace LOVED the water! She is a little fish! "Fwim, fwim" she said. She wasn't as much a fan of PopPop's boat... we tried to trick her by calling it the "big float" but that only partially worked. Mostly she just wanted to be in the water.
She also stuck close to Gracie. If she couldn't find her you'd hear "Grraa-ceeee!" (on a side note... she's getting the "gr" sound down which means she's also starting to pronounce her own name more clearly!)

BeBe and PopPop borrowed this car from the Marshes and LG had a lot of fun in it! We're looking forward to someday having a driveway of our own to play in!

There are a ton more great pics... all on BeBe and PopPop's camera! Hopefully I'll get some of those soon :)

4th of July- posed pics

After church in their red, white and blue!
The four of us.
These guys looked so festive... together.
Wade loved laying on the screened porch and wiggling and kicking his legs!

This is from last Sunday, I didn't mean to upload this picture and now it won't delete for some reason... blogger... who knows.

painting with pudding

She wouldn't lick it off her fingers, would only eat it with a spoon!

father and son