clemson baby shower

We had a really sweet baby shower here on-campus today! It is so fun to celebrate with friends and colleagues as the time for Baby Wylie's debut draws near! Karen Gibson did a beautiful job putting everything together (and I think I drank near 10 cups of her punch!! yum!). We got lots of really nice gifts that will be super helpful with the baby. Here are some pics!

Thanks Karen! It was wonderful!

Don't know what we were talking about here.... lol

Opening B-dub's swing from "Auntie Kathy" and "Auntie Susan" :o)

Jon with the diaper cake that Amy made, she is too talented!


do you see it?

Do you see that cute little bunny above this post... it's saying 30 days to go! That's one month y'all! Wow.... hard to believe we're this close!

In other baby news, the "little stinker" as Jon is now affectionately calling the baby is breeched. We found out on Monday at the doctor. So.... at this point we're looking at a planned c-section unless he/she turns or flips in the next few weeks! I'm trying all sorts of funky exercises to encourage the baby to move, but more than any thing your prayers would be greatly appreciated!

We have really had our hearts set on a natural birth but the Lord is giving us peace that whatever happens is in His perfect plan. So if the baby doesn't turn we could actually be meeting him/her even sooner... in like 20-23 days since the section would be done at 39 weeks. We'll know more after our next appointment on Tuesday.


baby shower

We had a great weekend in Chapin and ended it with a baby shower on Sunday afternoon given by Dixie Robnett and Amy. Tom, Debbie and Memama Wylie came down Saturday afternoon to visit out at the lake which was really nice and relaxing. The shower on Sunday was beautiful! Thank you Mrs. Dixie for such a wonderful time!! And thank you everyone for the blessings and gifts for us and the baby. Here are some pictures:

Aunt Kay, Me, Mom and Bethany

Me with Mrs. Dixie

Me with Memama Wylie and Debbie

Here's Bethany getting "aunt" practice with Mason :o)


father's day

So I caved in and gave Jon his Father's Day present on Friday... I just COULDN'T wait! He loved it! "How did you... where did you get this? Wow, this is awesome!!!" I'm glad I didn't wait! If you can't tell... no, I didn't give him another cat... I made two NASCAR onesies for the baby.


1000 days

As of yesterday that's how long we've been married :o) If I were extremely industrious and had more time I would blog the 1000 reasons I love Jon and am so glad we're married.... but I'll just say.... I love you Jon! .... and leave it at that!


Asheboro Zoo

So today is my day to learn how to post on the blog so when B-dub shows up I will be able to blog to keep family and friends up to date with baby. I figure it being 7 weeks away I should learn how to do this. Emily is actually sitting beside me and does not even know I am blogging.

So today I will tell you about last weekend. While Emily was at girls weekend, I went home to see my family. We went to the Asheboro Zoo. It was a great time. My brothers girlfriend, Mandy, and her family came with our family. It was a great time giving Nick a send off before he heads to California.

Here are some pictures of my two favorite plants that I saw.

This is a pretty red flower that I saw that I wanted to take. However, I did not have a camera so Nick sent me this picture.

This is a Cacoco tree. It produces chocolate.

Hope yall enjoy the pictures. Grace and peace,



i heart my clemson girls!

This past weekend we had our girls weekend in Greenville at Christy's. It was wonderful! I am so blessed to have such amazing friends. We had a great weekend talking, playing with the two new additions since last year, going to the park, and just having wonderful fellowship together.

Christy and Meredith each have absolutely precious litte girls. They are some of the smilingest babies I have ever seen! I hope our baby is as happy as Haley and Regan are! It was kind of strange to all be together with two little ones and me having one on the way.... am I getting old?

They all surprised me and had a shower for me with the five of us. They went all out with food, decorations, games... it was so much fun and I was so surprised. I just hope my child doesn't have a beard when they're born and that my arms don't fall off during labor :o) Here are some more pictures from the weekend. (I have no idea why the first pictures is showing up small.... I have them set to the same size!)