The other day I was looking at friend and family blogs and something like 4 out of the 6 new posts were about gardens! I realized we are obviously behind on chronicling this exciting part of our summer :)

These pictures were all taken tonight. We have four 4x4 raised beds and one 3x3 bed (with strawberries, snap peas and flowers.... that's "Lydda Grace's garden"). So far we have enjoyed: lettuce, tomatoes (cherry and roma), zucchini, basil, squash, strawberries, radishes, one jalepeno pepper and as of tonight, our first two carrots.

trip to Richmond

My Uncle Dwight, the last surviving of my Pop's brothers passed away on Father's Day. I really wanted to go to the funeral to see my Aunt Barbara and to take the kids. So this past Wednesday Bethany and Mom met at our house and we drove to Burlington, NC. Then Thursday morning we went on to Richmond and to the service that afternoon. We spent Thursday night at the Livesay's home and then drove the whole way back on Friday. The kids were AMAZING! We only made one stop, at Chick-fil-a for lunch and a play break on Friday! Lydda Grace loved staying in a hotel on Wednesday night and was particularly excited about the continental breakfast :) Though for a sad reason, it was a really good trip and I'm so glad we were able to go (Jon had to stay home and work and got some good time in on his dissertation).

A former colleague and friend of Uncle Dwight's and Aunt Barbara's hosted a reception at their home after the service, it was so nice and such a sweet time to catch up with family.
With Aunt Barbara

Uncle Talley brought Lydda Grace a flower from the fruit bouquet... she loved it and ate the cantaloupe center in one bite :)

Sarah's wedding

Jon's cousin Sarah got married a couple weekends ago. Though it rained horribly and the wedding itself had to be moved inside, the reception was SO much fun and absolutely beautiful! Lydda Grace loved running all around and eating cake and dancing!

With Sarah and Marc
With Aunt Mandy
With Granna Wylie and Mr. Richard
With Granna Wylie
You can just see the cows in the background!
With Memama Wylie
The cake wagon... I mean seriously, how fun is this?!
Wade ate up the food at the reception, he almost turned into a watermelon!


Riding on Shoulders

So I all the time put Lydda Grace or Wade on my shoulders and we run around the living room chasing one another. Today Emily did not know what she was getting herself into when she came out of our room. ENJOY!

Wade's performance

So I have been meaning for weeks to get Wade to do some of his tricks. This video is just a glimpse of what is to come.


Daddy Daughter Date Night

On Monday, June 20, Lydda Grace and I went to Chickfila for a Daddy Daughter Date night. Here are some pictures to show you about the night.

Here we are about to leave. What a beautiful little girl!!

The greatest smile in the entire world! I hope this never changes.

Chickfila had a special place for us to sit down and eat. There was a classical guitar player playing hymns while we ate.

Here we are at our table. TABLE 13!

Incase I did not know what to talk to Lydda Grace about, Chickfila provided us with conversation starters.

Lydda Grace and the Craft she made!

Lydda Grace's favorite part of dinner: LEMONADE.

So as soon as our food came out the waitress brought out a dessert menu. LG asked if she could have an ice cream cone since Wade wasn't there. (Note: most everybody knows we get a bowl of ice cream when we go to Chickfila because we can use a spoon and share with Wade.) On the dessert menu was every kind of dessert Chickfila serves including the cookies n cream milkshake (LARGE). I was not about to let LG get a $1.00 icedream cone when she could have a large milkshake. So I ordered me a milkshake and let her try mine. She would not give it back. So I ordered me a large milkshake as well to go. I was able to get the milkshake away from LG long enough to go from the inside of the car to the outside. But here is what I saw in my rear view mirror all the way home.

Here is a video of Lydda Grace explaining to Emily about our night.

he flops

This is one of Wade's favorite things to do... flopping... he really gets into it when there are soft things like this on the floor.... but he'll also try to flop into my lap (we've knocked heads before, ouch!) or he'll flop on a pillow that is way too small and he lands over it....most of the time I can see him gearing up for it and can catch him if I'm anywhere close to a disastrous flop....
He sure does love it though!

water play

I don't even really know what to say about this one :)

mama and Wade

Thanks Molly and Carson for this pic :)


rocking Wade

This little guys loves rocking chairs! Even if he sits in a chair that's not a rocking chair he still tries to rock.


made by LG

A new addition to the teamwylie blog... "made by Lydda Grace." I'm going to start scanning in the best of LG's artistic endeavors instead of stuffing them in a folder never to be seen again. I tried throwing some away but she saw them in the trash and got upset about it (oops!).

A few nights ago she and I were going to run some errands right after supper while Dada stayed with Wade (we do this fairly regularly and she LOVES it.... as do I!). This particular night kind of fell apart. At dinner she was very very whiny and didn't eat well (and by not well I mean not really at all) so she lost her privilege of coming shopping with me. She broke down when I left but when I came home she ran out to meet me waving some pictures in the air she had colored.

This piece of work is typical LG... lots of stickers and she traced her hand on the back.


for Aunt Bethy

"Look Mama, I made a vio-yin!"

visit with Grandma

The kids and I went to Inman yesterday to visit Grandma. We do not get up there often enough, it was such a fun day! We went swimming at Aunt Myrtle's in the morning, came back for a yummy lunch and then the kids took their naps so Grandma and I had some good time to talk and catch up. (I think the pool and sun wore them slap out b/c I had to wake them up to get them home in time for dinner with Dada!) We love you Grandma!!!

blanket please

Wade had gone to bed. Jon and I were hanging out with Lydda Grace. Jon laid down on the floor and pretended he was asleep. LG got into it and got him a blanket and covered him up and told him to sleep well and all that... very sweet.

So I laid down on the couch and told LG I was tired too and needed a nap and could I have a blanket. I closed my eyes...Next thing I knew.....
At least she's creative!

(that's the door mat for our back door)

walking Wade

Not 100% walking.... but today I saw a big difference in how often he was actually choosing to walk. Up until now it seemed like he would forget that he was standing, take a few steps, think to himself, "crawling is way better!" and drop to all fours.

Today was different, today he would stand up in the middle of a room and take a few steps or he would grab a ball, stand up and throw it or walk between pieces of furniture.

I seriously think he woke up this morning and said to himself, "Well I think it's about time I started working on this walking thing a little more..."

Hopefully videos to come.


our Lydda Grace

this was at church
(thanks Carson!)