Catechism ?s & Memory verses

So be warned. This video is about 7 minutes long. We totally understand that the grandparents will probably be the only ones to watch the video to completion.

But for the Grandparents! ENJOY!


made by LG

This is Lydda Grace's latest project, her creation book (thanks for the idea Cat!). Last week we talked a lot about Creation and had fun making a book for each day using different art supplies. (just a tip, I put printer paper in an old manila folder and sew a seam along the edge to hold the pages in, she loves them and they're great for little projects!) She really got into it and asked every morning when she woke up if she could do her Creation book that day. We also had a lot of fun on walks really identifying and praising God for all the amazing things He created!

For Day 7 we talked about how God's creation was "very good" and how He rested. We talked about what we don on Sundays and how God calls us to rest too. Somehow LG made a jump from this, I still can't figure out how it happened.... she started crying and talking about not wanting to go to heaven. I picked her up and held her and she just cried and kept saying "I want to stay here in my house forever!" over and over again! I tried explaining to her how wonderful heaven will be and that Mama and Dada will be there too.... but when I think about it... I can't even grasp or picture glory, much less figure out how to convey that to a three year old! She constantly amazes me with the questions and concerns that are important to her little mind and heart at this age and I am regularly humbled as I so often don't know what to say.


Lydda Grace-isms

Upon entering her bedroom tonight:

"This room is a disaster!!!"

Then after cleaning it up:

"Mama, come look, come look, Mama! My room is clean!! The food is gone, the pots are gone, there are no dolls and no that," (she's gesturing wildly around the room while explaining) "It all APPEARED AWAY!!!"



Lydda Grace loves to play "married"... it strikes at random moments, usually when I wash sheets and she wraps up in one for her "married dress." Today it's a pink blanket and she walks around holding it up with one hand.... it's very important for it to have a "draggin'" tail (or dragon tail?). Who she is marrying changes. Here's her running commentary.....

"I don't have to marry myself, someone can marry me, will Wade marry me?"
"First we'll pray and then we'll get married"
"He can be the ring boy, he can hold the ring... but we need a pillow to hold the ring, pillows be in the wedding."
"How 'bout we pretend my rolling pin is my ring"
"I need REAL flowers, will you go pick me some real flowers for my wedding?"
"Are you making the cake, we need a cake, and a pie, we're having a pie!"
"We need a list, give me a list..... I think we need some plans on the list, I think we need go to a store, I can push the buggy"
"I don't know how to put my married dress on, it keeps falling off, I hold it so it can't fall."
"I don't want music at my wedding, only parties are going to be here, maybe we're not going to have mean people in the party, nope we're not, the list says no bad people, I won't let bad people come in our party, only us can stay in the party."
"Can someone marry me?!"
"I was confusing, Wade was going to marry me, you are the ring girl, not you, YOU!"
"We have to make the cake first, will you make the cake with me Mama?"

Excuse me, I'm going to go make a wedding cake now.


Dress Up

So I was telling Emily that the race got postponed to Monday this past Sunday night.  Then Lydda Grace decided she wanted to play dress up.  Here are two videos of the conversations that I had with her as she was dressing up.

A Movie & Pizza night

The night began when Emily and I decided that we should go to Bi-lo. And of course we bought ice-cream, what was not on the plan was a movie. I went outside to the blockbuster express and rented Yogi Bear. The next bright idea was to pull the double bed in Wade's room to the living room to sit to watch the movie. When we got home we got our pizza on the grill just in time, it started pouring rain just as we were taking it off!

So of course before you play you have to sit and read and suck on your thumb.

Sucking your thumb is not as fun as crawling on this fluffy object that you can bounce and crawl on.

The smile says: "It can't get better than this"

When a bed is in the floor with pillows: "Of course it is time to read"


Here are some videos to watch us playing on the bed!

Here we are watching Yogi Bear

Got to love Yogi Bear. By the way, if you have small kids and have not rented this movie. It is worth it. Fun jokes for parents, attention grabber for kids.

When Wade goes to bed. What better thing to do than to read.


a few kiddo pics

Big lag on the blog posting around here, but we just can't get healthy! Started with colds and coughs right after LG's birthday, then Wade got the hand mouth foot virus, then LG got strep, now I have strep! And it's August!! Makes me a little nervous for what this winter will bring, maybe we're getting it out of the way now :)

These are pics from earlier in the summer that Carson took at a going away party for the Stanford Family.


Lydda Grace turns 3

We had a fun time celebrating Lydda Grace's 3rd birthday with family and friends!
Lydda Grace helped me make her birthday cake.
Krieg, Karis and Ms. Cat
Miles and Ms. Molly
In the baby pool with Katherine
Mrs. Sara came up with and created lots of fun water/fish games for the party! It was such a blessing to have her take care of that and she was so creative! Here they are playing water "twister"
With our big girl!
Lydda Grace playing with the seashells and other ocean critters Mrs. Sara brought
Playing with BeBe
Making ocean "snow" globes
Fishing in the "pond"
Lydda Grace got lots of sweet gifts from her friends
Butterfly wings!

Happy Birthday Lydda Grace! We love you!!

Wade's words

Wade is really starting to talk! Even when we can't tell what he's saying he is definitely trying to communicate. Here are some of his words:

bir (bird)- he loves them!
bye bye
baa (bath or bat)
nack (snack)
ow (out)
nuhnuh (snugli)
buhbam (and smacks his hand down... not really a word but Jon loves getting him to do this)
PahPah (Pop Pop)
bahbah (baby)
dogdog (Dog Dog)
uh oh!