sweet boy

The Wadester has certainly not been feeling great lately. For the last several days he had a fever and was just pitiful, always wanting to be held and sleeping in our arms. To top it off he is cutting two more teeth. Thankfully in the past couple days he has been on the mend! 

Love this baby boy!


Mom outdid herself this year by making LOTS of quilts for Christmas! 
Lydda Grace opened hers and said,
"It's, it's, IT'S.... PINK!!!" Yes, baby there is
some pink on it :)

Dad was completely surprised with his fish quilt.

Bekah's quilt

Opening my quilt. The other girls helped pick out their fabric,
while I knew I was getting a quilt I had NO idea what it would look like.

Love you Mom!!
Bethy... we got a sneak peek of yours! Missed you and Mark and can't wait to see you soon.

Christmas Day

Opening his stocking... still not feeling the best!

LG pulled these playing cards out of her stocking
and said "magic cards!!!" I think her daddy is rubbing off
on her. 

Santa Sacks, a Moore family tradition

Yay! Stacking/Nesting blocks for Baby Schloemann!
I used this tutorial and was so excited for them to open them!

Wade got a Gertie ball (the orange one) and carried it around A LOT!


and Fancy Nancy ones, LG was SO excited it was hilarious!

cuddling with my baby boy

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we hung around at home then went to the service (LG loved the candles!). We came home and had dinner and opened gifts with Aunt Kay, Uncle Talley, Austin and Uncle Mike. It was a nice evening!
taking a walk in her new tutu

Christmas Eve pic in front of the tree

love those sweet eyes

teamwylie with a sick Wade

Not a happy baby- poor thing!

Lydda Grace got some sweet magnetic felt dolls from Aunt Kay
and Uncle Talley

Wade and his new wooden train

LG loved helping everyone open their gifts!

Papa Wylie's Hat

So when we were at Memama's house for Christmas, I came across one of Papa (Wade, my dad's dad) Wylie's hats.  So Memama gave me a gift.  Here are a couple of pictures to commemorate my new hat and my former (as of today) goatee.

Me driving on the scavenger hunt.

I am in the middle.

Wade and I on the fire truck.

At Mrs. Hanes Moravian Cookies

Still on the scavenger hunt in the Arrowood's driveway.

Christmas Eve with my beloved Bride.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

Krispy Kreme

So Emily and Granna had the great idea to take the kids for Krispy Kreme donuts one morning for breakfast.  Emily had envisioned great pictures of icing all over their faces from the new camera.  Granna looked forward to sharing in the first donut experience.  And below is what actually happened.

The donuts.

The first reaction...a smile.

The second reaction.
(On a side note: LG and Wade did not eat a single donut.  They would not even put them in their mouths.)

A donut with sprinkles.

Ok I will try the sprinkles and chocolate.

I don't know what I think about this donut.

Well I guess I will try the sprinkles and chocolate.


Granna, Mr. Richard, and Uncle Nick at the table where donuts were being enjoyed.

Fire Truck

So while at Granna's we had a chance to visit uncle Nick at Station 43.  Uncle Nick showed us around the station.

Lydda Grace, Look at that...

(if you can read lips)

Look at Engine 43

Wade at on the front bumper

Wade is not to sure about the fire truck.

With daddy.

With Ms. Mama.

Alright I am ready to go on my own.


LG on the fire truck.

Uncle Nick got Granna to wear his hat.

Souvenirs from Uncle Nick.


We love our gifts!  Thanks Uncle Nick