Wade got some good practice in catching the other night! He's getting great at catching his gertie ball and is so pleased with himself when he gets it!


quick as a cricket

We recently found a new book we like at the library, Quick as a Cricket by Don Wood (author of the Napping House).  It basically goes through lots of different animals ("I'm quick as a cricket. I'm slow as a snail..... I'm as small as an ant, I'm as large as a whale..."). I read the book outside the other day and had the kids act out being the animals. Lydda Grace really got into it (as evidenced by her faces below!), Wade mostly just ran around a lot :) 


sweet sleepers

We've had the kids go back to sleeping on their own- they seem to sleep later in the morning on their own- but here are a few pictures before we stopped. Love these sweet babies!! 


little artists

It began with the kids painting on the front porch....

it ended with Wade drinking the "rinse the brush" water....



Thanks Tonya!!

last night

Makes my heart melt....

Wade climbed out of his crib- twice- yesterday during nap time... cue "big boy bed." He was a little wary of sleeping in the bed until Lydda Grace said that SHE wanted to sleep in it. One thing led to another and Jon and I caved and let them sleep together in the double bed. They talked and laughed for 10-15 minutes or so and then they were out and slept all night!

Lydda Grace usually has a nightlight but Wade won't sleep well with one. She asked if she could have one and Jon told her that she could not if she was sleeping with Wade. She said "that's okay I'm with Wade and I can pray to Jesus!"


He is Risen!!!

The kids loved making "Easter Mountain"

Lots of fun playing Uno Moo with Granna Wylie and Mr. Richard

Easter morning! These are the outfits I made for them last year
... which means they must have been really big on them last year! 

This was about the only egg Wade hunted... he'd much rather just play!

LG is a great egg hunter!

With a little help from Granna Wylie

as I said... he'd rather play and get dirty!

An Easter afternoon walk.... beautiful day! 

birthday party

We had the Montero kiddo's birthday party at the end of March and it was super fun! There was a pinata and all sorts of goodies. Lydda Grace got decked out right away with jewelry and glasses and Wade loved the little party horn. 


ice cream with daddy

We met Jon on-campus after work one day for some ice cream! A fun treat!! 


making cake

Aunt Kay gave us a fun microwaveable cake recipe! It's great because you make up a mix and then only make one little cupcake at a time. It was a perfect for the kids. They had so much fun making their own little cakes, though I think the highlight for them was pushing the button on the microwave :) 

on the water

I'm still catching up from March! We enjoyed getting out on the lake in Chapin!!