I opened a shop on etsy. Sort of for kicks, I have no idea if it will fly at all. But it's been a fun process at least!


16lbs. 1.5oz.


figuring it out

Lydda Grace has really started to take greater interest in her hands. She's been putting them in her mouth a lot, but lately she's just started kind of playing with her fingers, like in the picture below. She seems so intrigued by them!

I think we often take for granted that we are blessed with things like hands. We can pick things up, and touch, and hold hands and wiggle our fingers... I love the wonder and amazement that I see in Lydda Grace as she is figuring things like this out!

These pictures were taken before church this morning. She's wearing her Christmas dress that my mom smocked for her. It has little lambs on it. She's also got on the shoes my parents brought her back from their recent mission trip to England. They're too big but we're getting as much wear as we can out of them!


You are such a funny girl! We love trying to get you to laugh. You have the cutest little cackle/squeal.

You are starting to play with your hands a lot more. This is a problem at naptime :) The other day I laid you down and put your paci in and you accidentally knocked it out. We did this over and over! Finally you just looked up at me and smiled!

Today you napped in Daddy's arms a lot! I think he enjoyed it more than you even, he loves to cuddle you!



This little sweater was mine and I'm so glad mom saved it! It zips up the back which is actually really easy to get on and off of her. I wish they still made them like this. Also... I had to take Lydda Grace to the doctor the other day... her little cold is just not clearing up... but they said it's still just a cold, so we're waiting it out.
Guess how much she weighed..... just guess.... I'll post the answer later :o)

she's so big!!!

We can't believe everything Lydda Grace is doing these days!
She was laying with her head to the right under this little musical thing. I was in the kitchen and when I looked again she had turned all around!
We're borrowing this Bumbo seat from church because she loves to sit up and be part of what's going on! We're taking it back Sunday but someone has one we can borrow for a while which is great b/c she loves it!
This video is of her talking and squealing. She does this really randomly. The other day I had her propped up in her crib while I was doing laundry and she squealed and talked the whole time!


baby it's cold outside

Even though this is her "church coat" we bundled up today to run a few errands :o) Too cute.


trip to charlotte

We took a trip! This past weekend Andrea and Brian were married in Charlotte so we loaded up what felt like TONS of gear (I really USED to pack light...) and headed up there on Saturday midmorning (Jon had class but his prof. let him skip out a bit early).

Kari and Erik were gracious enough to let us stay with them and to watch Lydda Grace for us while we went to the wedding. It was such a blessing to catch up with them and to join them for church the next morning.

Sunday lunch we all met up with Jason (Jon's first grad student from VT) and his girlfriend Michelle at the Flying Saucer.

Then... right before we left on Sunday Kari snapped some pictures of Lydda Grace that turned out so great! Enjoy...


photo shoot

We got Lydda Grace's pictures back from when Rachel took them and they turned out really cute! It is really funny how much she would NOT smile, but there are some really good ones. Enjoy....


tiggers are wonderful things

So normally when I do this Lydda Grace laughs like crazy. But when the camera is on her she clams up! We got one little squeal, but that's about it... (and we did try several more times!)