been a while

So it's really been quite some time since I last posted. We have been BUSY this month! Jon has had VACURH, RA selection, GA selection, SEAHO in KY and that's not even mentioning his regular workload. We also had a chance to go to Y-ville for the day to catch up with the Jon's family. I have been busy trying to get ready for Course Request by meeting with a lot of my students. While Jon was in KY mom came up to visit for a few days which was wonderful since I hadn't seen her since Christmas. We shopped and crocheted and just had a great time hanging out together. I am so blessed to have a mom that is such a wonderful friend!

Crochet has been my big thing as of late and I'll try and post some pictures soon of things I've been working on (though some of them are birthday gifts that I'll have to wait until after birthdays to post!). I love crocheting and think I am finally improving! Sunday afternoon I think I went for about 4 hours straight while Jon watched the race, a very much-needed relaxing afternoon. I've been trying to figure out if I could crochet full-time... but i think my hands might fall off, so I'll just stick to it as a hobby for now. If you want to comission me for anything though, let me know!!

Spring Break is coming up next week here at VT which means... no fire alarms, no door opening and closing all the time, no bass coming from above when we're trying to sleep, no traffic, no parking issues, *sigh* this will be a nice break. We will still be working but Spring Break is always a good time to catch up on all that "office stuff" that so easily get's put off when classes are in session.
Guess that's as good an update as any for now.


february and fire alarms

This is turning out to be one of the craziest months we've had in a long while! Probably since move-in in August... so that's saying a lot! Jon has work every weekend from the last one in January through the whole month of February.. yikes! He's also going to a conference, and leading GA selection. I'm currently trying to see all of my students before March 20th, which means I had to start last week in order to fit them all in. 12 students in one day is a load, but it's great to actually get a chance to meet with them rather than over email. Since spring break here is the first full week of March, needless to say, we are rather excited about it! So February's not even half over and it's already been exciting!

Funny story... We went to get pizzas a DXpress. Well while they were in the pizza oven smoke started coming out of it. So someone takes a fire extinguisher and sprays it all up into the oven (there was no fire... not smart!) and the dust from the extinguisher sets the alarm off for the WHOLE dining hall! We are told no pizzas for us and decide to go pick up a sandwich at West End for dinner. As we're walking back from picking up our food there are still a ton of students outside b/c of the fire alarm. Jon laughs about how funny it is that we actually saw the whole fiasco take place and were there when it started. I correct him by saying... not only were we there... it was our pizzas that started the whole thing in the first place!! He gets a big kick out of that one. Rather ironic given all the alarms we've had in our building in the middle of the night...Ahh, campus life....