these days

We were given these little food chew things (I don't know what to call them, you put whole chunks of food in them and the baby chews the food through the mesh to mush it up) before Lydda Grace was born and we finally got to try them out. They look like so much fun I have been wanting to try them. My mom was here while Jon was out of town Wednesday night and we tried frozen bananas. The video is Lydda Grace's reaction. I think she understood what she was supposed to do, it's just that she's never had bananas before so I think the new food and the new way of eating it was a little bit of a shocker!

The picture is our baby girl today. It makes me so sad to see her sick. She is so pitiful!



We just can't seem to be at 100% these days! Lydda Grace and I have been battling colds and coughs and almost a month. We'll seem to be fine and then a few days later something else will crop up.

Yesterday I had a chest xray done because I'm dealing with some breathing/cough issues that won't clear up. No word on the results yet.

Today I took Lydda Grace to the doctor and found out she has her first ear infection. I guess I shouldn't say first... hopefully it will be her last, but I'm a realist. Hopefully she'll be on the mend soon.

That's what's going on in our neck of the woods.


more fun with friends

Meredith and Reagan stopped by on their way through to TN today. We had a quick visit, but it was nice to catch up.

Thanks for visiting friends!


fun with friends and family

This past Monday Lydda Grace and I went over to the Smith's house to visit. Lydda Grace and Zoey are only two weeks apart and it is so cute to watch them together! Sometimes they just grin at each other and sometimes they just ignore each other... haha, it's too funny!

I love this one where they are holding hands! Such sweet girls!

This past Friday Granna Wylie came down to visit for the weekend. Sadly, she had to leave on Sunday because Grandmother Downey was admitted to the hospital but we had fun while she was here!

I like Granna's face on this one.

MmmMmm- Lydda Grace loves sweet potatoes!


first valentine's day

Lydda Grace's first Valentine's Day was a lot of fun. Jon had to work all day :o( but she and I made the best of it.

She started the day cuddling in bed with Mama and Daddy and opened a card from us and a gift from Gran and Grandpa.

Then she had breakfast on the "Special Day Plate" with her rice cereal in a little bowl with hearts. (and as soon as the picture was taken all of that was taken off her tray!)

After a nap Lydda Grace and Mama played dress up and tried on the new outifts from Gran and Grandpa (my mom made bloomers to go with little onesies as play outfits for the summer- the blue and white gingham has a tiger paw on the rear end, so cute, but I don't have a good picture of it).

Then we went shopping and Lydda Grace wore a dress with hearts on it and spread love and smiles to everyone at Hobby Lobby.

When we got home we read all of Lydda Grace's books about love. (Guess How Much I Love You, Love You Forever, My Love for You... etc.)

Then we got ready to wait for Daddy to come home!

While getting her jammies on she got some tickle love from Daddy.

Lydda Grace's Valentine's celebration even extended into today when she got to open her card from Granna Wylie! (the reason it was opened today was b/c Jon and I don't make it to the PO box often enough) She looks so intent here!
This is one LOVED little girl!!


a new kind of playpen

This is not cruel and unusual punishment... she actually really likes it!
Lydda Grace still tends to topple when she sits on her own... and/or she pushes her toys away from her and then gets frustrated that she can't reach them. This crate keeps her sitting up and keeps her toys right within her reach!


visit to Chapin

Jon had a conference this weekend with a student group he advises so Lydda Grace and I left Thursday morning to visit with my family in Chapin for a long weekend. We had so much fun!

Thursday afternoon we visited with Claire, Beth and Mrs. Dixie (sorry no pictures!). It is so cute to watch the girls look at each other. I just really wonder what goes on in their heads!

Friday we went and had Lydda Grace's picture taken. I'll have to see about scanning that in later to post... she wasn't super smiley... but we got some really sweet pictures.

By Friday afternoon Lydda Grace was developing a cough.... poor baby! It created havoc with her sleeping so I was super thankful to have Mom and Dad's help over the weekend! She's still sick, but no fever so we're waiting it out at this point.

Saturday we just hung around the house which was very restful. Mom is teaching me to smock so I got some good lessons and practice in!

Below are some pictures from the weekend!
With Gran Sunday morning. LG looks so happy here... but it had been a rough night!

Hanging out in the kitchen.

Gran gave Lydda Grace this colander to play with. She had a lot of fun with it until Aunt Bekah and I decided to put it on her head. I love the expression!

This is the bridge/pier at the end of the road my parents live on. We took a walk out there with LG in the Moby wrap. I think the hat makes her look like an Ewok.

Mama and her baby girl!

6 month well visit

Wow! It's been a while since I posted last.

Since then Lydda Grace had her 6 month check-up and got her shots. She was a champ. She cried when the nurse gave her the shots but stopped when she was done and even mustered up a smile before the nurse left the room.

She weighed 19 lbs. 9.5 oz. and is 27 and 5/8 inches long. She's almost off the charts on both height and weight for her age but is healthy as can be!

We're also going ahead with more solid foods and have tried carrots and sweet potatoes! She likes the sweet potatoes better than the carrots. I can't blame her, I tried them too and the sweet potatoes are WAY tastier!